To LIVEsimple & SELF's Time Makeover

A big reason I've made this my year to simplify is to create space in my life for the things that are most important to me. It's crazy how many distractions can get in the way of your priorities! It's ridiculous really, and I'm tired of it. This is not the year for grandiose declarations of a 'new year, new me.' This is the year to finally take a good, hard look at what I'm doing every day and carve out the time to balance the things I need to do with the things I want to do.

As part of the SELF Magazine Collective, I'm taking part in their 21-day Time Makeover, and I encourage all of you to do the same! Just take the quiz on this page, and if you're so inclined, sign up for 21 days of tips, challenges and other offerings to help you improve how you manage your time. I am never one to turn down help when needed, and I'm enjoying the daily prompts and inspiration so far. It's only 21 days into the new year and I've made a lot of strides in clearing up my time and space already!

If you're in Seattle tonight, I'll be chatting more about living simply at CRAVEFuel's January event! Come and join us!

More details here.

I'll be blogging all year about living simply. Hope you'll follow me along on this journey!