Healthy Fresh: February Check-in

Happy February! My body feels good after a month-ish of re-committing to eating better and working out more.

I discovered a Seattle-based fitness podcast called Mind vs. Muscle because of their interview with one of my favorite fitness ladies, Kaisa of KaisaFit. I love Kaisa’s style because she keeps it so real, and that was more than evident in the two-part, almost two-hour interview. You should listen to it in its entirety, but for me, the part that stuck out the most was how Kaisa subscribes to a lifestyle of movement. Fitness not to lose weight or look a certain way, but to challenge your body and see what it can do. 

She also talked about listening to your body and what it enjoys doing. I’ve been thinking a lot about CrossFit. I stopped going a few months ago because of travel, and just never picked it back up. I like it enough, but it doesn’t really get me excited about working out. A lot of times, I’d bust my ass through a WOD but feel like I didn’t get enough cardio. I always felt like I never stretched enough, so then I’d have to find time for another workout in the day to get some yoga in. Being honest with myself helped me feel less guilty about not doing something I didn’t love and focus on simply moving.

I’ve done a lot of yoga at home lately, and it’s helped me gain a lot of that confidence and body intuition back again. It’s crazy how quickly we forget to tune into how our body connects to its many parts. My posture feels better, and I’m definitely carrying my body better.


Towards the end of January, I started to feel like I was getting too comfortable (read: not challenging myself enough.) I finally started to take advantage of the ClassPass membership I started at the beginning of the month. I let myself be content with doing yoga at home that I’d built a whole mountain of excuses for not using these ClassPass classes, and finally I forced myself into it. More on ClassPass in another blog post soon, but long story short, I’m loving it so far and regret that I waited so long to get into it! If you want to try out ClassPass, they’re doing a couple of great deals right now. You can try out three classes for $5, or sign up for three months worth of 5-class passes at 50% off!

SoulCycle Bellevue

SoulCycle has finally opened in the Seattle area, and I can tell you for sure that it’s a workout that gets me so hyped to come back as soon as possible. I don’t know exactly what it is - the shiny, clean, bright studio; the super nice staff, the perfect playlists, or that I feel challenged but accomplished with every ride. I’m grateful that my fiancé is just as into it as I am - now we have a new weekend date activity!

Hope you’re all cruising along in your goals, resolutions, Whole 30, or just living your best life!

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