Meet Douglas (& Thank You Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue!)

Hi friends! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Ours was an emotional one - on Saturday, we went down to Portland to meet this sweet fella and bring him home. We’d like you to meet Douglas!

Dougie Boysen 1.JPG

aka Dougie or Dougie Fresh. I keep trying to make Doug Baldwin Jr Jr happen but it doesn't seem to be catching on. Haha!

Jacob's been keeping an eye on Bulldog Haven NW & Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue for awhile, but none of the pups stood out quite like Douglas.

Dougie Boysen 2.jpg

While Spike and Meatball will always have a place in our hearts and souls (I like to think that’s them showering blessings in those rays of sunshine over us!), we’re excited (and a little nervous honestly) to have Dougie in our lives. I think part of me will always be grieving Spike, but Dougie has really brightened our home in just a few days. He's already getting in the sights around Seattle!

Marination Ma Kai among his first stops, of course

Marination Ma Kai among his first stops, of course

He’s spending the week getting used to the house and our routines, but hopefully he can meet our friends and family soon.

Dougie Boysen 5.JPG

We are so grateful to Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue and Doug's foster family for taking such great care of him before we found each other. Rescues are the best! #adoptdontshop 

Dougie Boysen 4.JPG

You can follow our adventures here on the blog of course, but more frequently over on Instagram. We're not creating a separate account for him but he'll make regular appearances on mine! @JessEstrada and #dougiefresh

Interested in adopting a bulldog? Check out Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue and Bulldog Haven NW!