Elevate Your Everyday with Aera's Simplicity Collection + Challenge! (Sponsored)

Disclosure: Product and compensation provided by Aera for a review. All opinions are mine!

Lately, I’ve been spring cleaning like crazy! There’s something so refreshing about coming out of winter hibernation - physically, mentally, and spiritually. As I get older, I think more and more about minimizing the clutter in our closets, diets, schedules, and our home in general. 

Three questions I like to ask myself as I “spring clean” various parts of my life are:

  1. Does this help me with achieving my goals (one of which is improving my health & wellness game)?
  2. How much will I use or benefit from this?
  3. Does it bring me joy? (very Marie Kondo, I know - but super effective in making decisions!)

And while a lot is being cleaned out, re-organized, or donated, I have also focused on bringing in pieces and habits that support a cozy, healthy, and peaceful home. Yes, I’m still ‘bout that hygge life! One thing I’ve always wanted is a good home diffuser. A diffuser can help with sleep, stress, allergy, and pain relief, and overall focus & productivity - all things I want more of in my life! Aera reached out to me about their new Simplicity Collection, and thanks to them, I can enjoy all of those benefits, and my home smells just as lovely as it feels.

Aera Fresh Jess 1

Aera is truly a diffuser for those that love all things modern, simple, and sleek. Its diffusers transform blends of pure fragrance and essential oils into a unique, all-enveloping experience. Setup is really easy - plug-in power, insert your favorite scent (my personal faves are lavender and sandalwood), then choose a setting from 1-10 to adjust to the size of your room. There’s an AeraForHome iPhone & Android app to control “scenting” via your Aera 2.0 diffuser anytime! This ain’t your grandma’s potpourri bowl! 

Aera Fresh Jess 2

Their new Simplicity Collection is all about creating a “Simple. Happy. Home.” - a home that’s inviting and feels refreshed each and every day. Aera chose a collection of simple, beautiful, 100% pure fragrances, and the diffuser uses no heat, propellants, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds.) Aera’s child- and pet-friendly, and each fragrance can fill a room with consistent scent for 60 days or 1440 hours on an average setting.

Aera Fresh Jess 3

Want to simplify and elevate your everyday? You can enter to win the #AeraSimplicityChallenge! Join in on Aera's 30-day “Simplicity Challenge”, which focuses on how to simplify areas of life including home, relationships, career, and health! Share your progress during the challenge by tagging @AeraForHome and using the campaign hashtag #AeraSimplicityChallenge.

One participant will be chosen weekly to win an Aera diffuser and Simplicity scent capsule, plus one lucky participant will win the ultimate giveaway of simplicity products and services - valued at 1K. Enter here.

Finally - you can get your own Aera diffuser at 15% off using the code FRESHJESS15 (through June 30, 2018.)

Thank you, Aera!