10 Reasons Why I Love BurnCycle (+ Free First Class for You!)

If you've seen any of my Instagram Stories lately, you know I spend a fair amount of my time at BurnCycle Seattle, spinning my lil legs off. I can go on forever about Burn, but I thought it'd be nice to start with my top ten reasons why I love this sweet studio full of the best people:

Burncycle Seattle 2

1. Have you met Jessi Duley & Jen Bunder? Honestly. Can’t miss ‘em. Jen will come up and introduce herself with a giant smile and Jessi is an undeniable vortex of energy. Just being in their presence will uplift your mood and your life - although they are absolute bosses and incredibly inspiring too. I promise you.

2. Speaking of ‘uplift’ - BurnCycle quite literally saved my life last summer. The pop-up rides in Pioneer Square started right after my Spike Baby passed away. My very first BurnCycle rides 100% saved me from the depths of grief-induced depression. Even if the endorphins only lasted a few hours, they were invaluable in helping me get through those terrible first weeks. For this alone, I am forever grateful and indebted.

3. There are maybe four classes max in one weekday at the studio; two on each weekend day. That means you are bound to see the same people; smile at the same people; ride next to the same people; get to know these same people; and best of all, grow in friendship and strength with these same people. Issa lotta lip service about “community” out there but I have lots of proof that the amazing group of teachers, staff, and riders at this lil studio is the real deal.

Burncycle Seattle 3
BurnCycle Seattle 1.JPG

4. The staff is so warm and friendly from the moment you walk through the door. Boutique fitness studios can sometimes be intimidating but there’s none of that here - which is great when you need help adjusting to (or learning how to get off of) your bike!

5. The locker room. It’s exquisite. You have to come see it!

6. The luxurious showers in said locker room. The hot water heater at our place went out last month and I could not have been more grateful for these beautiful showers. Haha!

Burncycle Seattle 7
Burncycle Seattle 5

7. It’s truly hard to choose a favorite teacher! I’m a fan of Danielle, Casey, Tessa, Katy, Daniel, and Jen. I learn a lot from each of them, I learn a lot about myself, my body, and my limits because of them, and I know I am going to get my ass kicked every time I go.

8. Oh and their playlists are always on point and super diverse. Guaranteed dance party every time!

9. Shoe rentals are FREE AF

10. And last but certainly not least, I present to you the dogs of BurnCycle:

Want to ride with me sometime (or come check out BurnCycle on your own time?) Use my code BurnwithJess to get your first ride free!