My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 9/18/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Hope to see you tonight at Scotch & Soda from 6:00 - 8:00p.m. for Trend Spotting at U Village special edition Thursdays!  Play TrendSpotting to win a trip for two to NYC, shop Scotch & Soda's fall/winter 2014 collection, take a Scotch & Soda Selfie in-store and you could win more great prizes!

Get your Cupcake Royale 12th Man cupcakes every game day this season. Sweet deal!

Friday, September 19th: 

Saturday, September 20th:


Sunday, September 21st:

Wednesday, September 24th:

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Lookbook Love: Maison Scotch (+ Scotch & Soda/Fresh Jess Event Details!)

I can't wait to see you at Scotch & Soda in the U Village this Thursday night! I'll be there from 6:00 - 8:00p.m. hosting as part of U Village's fall fashion celebration. I'll be doling out fall style tips (walk the store with me & let me dress ya!) and presenting some of my favorite looks currently in the store. Make sure to take lots of pics in-store!  I'll be posting all of the night's photos to my Facebook page, and if you Instagram your Scotch & Soda Selfies during the event (with #UVillage), you just might win a fun prize :)

To get you in the mood, here are my favorite vignettes from the Maison Scotch 'Amsterdam Blauw' denim lookbook. So many layering separates perfect for Seattle's temperate fall & winter climate. Which are your favorites?

Planning to come to the event? Let me know in a comment below!

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook

Maison Scotch Fall 2014 Denim Lookbook


Meet Banago Philippine Bags (+ Support Their Kickstarter!)

Last week, this Kickstarter campaign pitch landed in my inbox. Intrigued by the obviously Filipino word 'Banago' (pronounced ba-NAH-go), I clicked the email open and was immediately drawn in by the vibrant color and modern style of what I knew to be traditional Filipino straw bags. Founder Renée Patron graciously took time out of her busy New York Fashion Week schedule last week to hop on the phone with me and satiate more of my curiosity around Banago.

Banago was a flourishing accessories brand whose factory had been leveled during Typhoon Haiyan. Renée began teaching weavers, mostly women, to become self-employed business owners and to work within the safety of their own homes. Before Haiyan, Banago grew to help provide for the livelihood of over 400 artisans, who became leaders in their communities. Renée herself is a veteran of the fashion industry, with experience in everything from design to production to distribution. Her solid reputation helped land Banago's high-quality, high-fashion bags on the shelves and in pages of Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J.Crew, Vogue, Lucky Magazine and more. 

Watch Renée tell the full Banago story here: 

It's just too rare to see a Filipino shine in any industry, even as we've found ourselves in virtually every corner of the world. Renée's hard work cemented Banago's place in all of these retailers and magazines, and for that I admire her.

I want to help Renée and her team restore their factory, their homes and their lives that were destroyed by Haiyan, and hope you do too. The Pintados bag is about to be the 'It' bag of the season 'round these parts!

Shop Banago and support their Kickstarter here. Thank you Renée!


#Seattle: Trend Spotting at U Village (+ Join Me This Thursday For....)

Have y'all been to U Village lately? If not, you should, because you might just win a trip to NYC!

Trend Spotting at U Village

Throughout September, take part in ‘Trend Spotting at U Village’ for your chance to win a trip to one of the fashion capitals of the world – New York City!

It's simple to play:

Every day in September, University Village will share a clue about one of its retailers. A tidbit of the retailer’s history, a trend that the shop is known for or simply a phrase that defines the store.

Know which retailer it is? Head to that store and if the ballot box is there, fill out an entry form for a chance to win the daily prize - a gift card for the store worth up to $250! (If it's not in that store, keep guessing!)

You can play every day! A new clue about a different University Village store will be revealed each morning around 10:00a.m. on UVillage.com and on U Village's Facebook and Twitter, and shoppers can play throughout the entire month to try and win.

Participants that enter the daily giveaways will automatically be entered into the grand prize drawing – a trip for two to New York City, including airfare, hotel, and a $500 University Village gift card to prepare for the trip.

Trend Spotting at U Village is part of a month-long celebration of fall fashion and in-store events. Every Thursday in September, a special event or unique offering will take place in or around the store selected for the clue that day.

SPEAAAKING OF THURSDAY, I'm excited to host a fall styling soirée at Scotch & Soda U Village! Join me this Thursday, September 18th from 6:00 - 8:00p.m. for a look at Scotch & Soda's fall/winter '14 offerings for men, women, children and home. I'll have a few mannequins styled with my favorite looks and will be on hand to help answer your styling questions (or just to share some laughs and toast some champagne with you to celebrate an amazing summer leading into a fabulous fall.) I'll be sharing more details and a sneak peek of my favorite S&S looks here on Monday. Stay tuned!

Happy Trend Spotting!

For more information and complete contest details, rules and restrictions, visit www.uvillage.com.


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 9/11/14

I'm back! Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Go Trend Spotting at U Village for a chance to win a trip for two to NYC - and save next Thursday the 18th for some fun at Scotch & Soda (with me!)

Get your Cupcake Royale 12th Man cupcakes every game day this season. Sweet deal!

Thursday, September 11th:

Friday, September 12th: 

Saturday, September 13th:

Sunday, September 14th:

My favorite creative showcase + flea market celebrates 3 years in the game. Congrats ArtAche!

Other fun upcoming events:

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Lookbook Love: Ampersand As Apostrophe at Craft & Culture

I'm a fan of both the gals behind Ampersand As Apostrophe and Craft & Culture, so naturally their new partnership is high on my radar.

Ampersand As Apostrophe is an innovative accessories line from Seattle-by-way-of Detroit designer, Jessica Park. Approaching design with an analytical quick wit and a healthy sense of humor, her versatile handbags can be zipped and tucked to transform for a multitude of uses.

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Ampersand As Apostrophe - Craft & Culture

Shop the entire Ampersand As Apostrophe collection at Craft & Culture.


For the Glow Friday: On Confidence, Consistency & Inspiration

One of my mentors once told me "When in doubt, act as if." He was prepping me to go out in the real world and do some job interviews, and I don't think he knew how much impact that line would have in so many life situations since. Growing up (and through college) I was always one of the quiet Asian girls in class who just showed up, got good grades and tried not to bring too much attention to myself. At home I was the total opposite - I'm the oldest of five and I'm sure 'bossy' is my family's favorite word to describe me. It wasn't 'til my job as events director (which was the same phase of my life when I started this blog) that I finally found my backbone and confidence solidified itself in my self-esteem.

Working out gives me confidence to wear this to the Beyonce concert

Working out has so many benefits - after you get over that big hump of psyching yourself out. Working out with Jenn and the For the Glow community has proved to be an endless source of self-esteem boosts - a fountain of confidence via endorphins, if you will! I used to be the person who had to muster up the courage just to go to 24Hr. Fitness by myself. Then I had to swallow my nerves as I stepped up to my first For the Glow class (that same lump in your throat every time you walk into a group workout class.) I started to write about my Glow experience here on the blog, and share photos as I normally do on social media. Somewhere along the line, my friends, family, readers and others started to say things like "You look amazing!", "You're so toned" and "Your skin is glowing!" A little while later, I also started to hear "You're so inspiring." Finally, I started to see and meet other girls who joined For the Glow (or started working out and eating well regularly) who said they were motivated to do so because of me. In class now, they tell me they want to "be at my level" someday. 

Working out gives me confidence to wear this to my boyfriend's last MMA fight

I start to tear up when I think I had a small part to play in other women making the choice to better themselves. It's not easy to stick to this lifestyle, and I have more than my fair share of eating bad, fighting my own inner demons spouting excuses not to work out, and juggling a ton of responsibility. These women have encouraged me to own my confidence, and even on days when I feel fat, bloated and other awful things I let my internal dialogue tell me - they remind me to 'act as if.' They remind me I've come a long way. That committing to something every day is how to get results - not every once in awhile or when it fits into your supposedly 'busy' schedule. That confidence comes from consistency, and that I don't have to stay in that rut of negativity. I know where to look for 'the light' - and how to take action towards it. They inspire me to keep going, and that's how my confidence and self-esteem levels stay high.

Working out gives me confidence for fitting room selfies, which are the worst places to take photos ever in life

For some reason, women weren't allowed to 'own' their confidence. Even today, you see a woman who knows and shows her self-worth, and you have people (including other women) cutting her down. Calling her cocky, boastful and abrasive. Or worse, not 'girly' or 'feminine' (-looking) enough. FUCK that. Taking care of your body and mind means having a healthy sense of self. Do that for you and for no one else - and then find the people who support you. Sometimes I think of the awful women who judged me when Richard Sherman posted one of my Seahawks selfies. I see you hateful bitches, but you're only doing wrong to yourself. Sorry I'm not sorry! During those painful last rounds of tabata and HIIT, I think of you and your attempt at hurtful words. (When I'm not thinking "What would Beyonce or Ronda Rousey do?", that is.) I remember you're probably still in bed or trolling on the internet while I'm up puttin in work at 6:00a.m. So you can call me whatever you want. I'm still over here loving myself, and loving the community of beautiful, powerful and strong women I have the honor of standing (and burpee-ing) by. 

Working out and eating healthy gives me confidence to keep it up, even when I'm traveling. Even in Vegas!

Thank you Jenn and all the For the Glow girls, once again, for your endless inspiration. We build each other's confidence!

For the Glow memberships are on a deal! Buy 3 months online membership & get one free. Superfood meal plans, workouts that are always different & always challenging, and the best fitness community in the world. Check it here and let me know if you have any questions!


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 9/4/14

I'm back! Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

 PAWSwalk is this weekend! This year I'm helping Raina, Kevin & Guffman Puppen (pictured above) reach their goal! Hope you can donate and/or share their efforts to help more animals have a second chance at a great life. 

Get your Cupcake Royale 12th Man cupcakes every game day this season. Sweet deal!

You can also get your Beast Corn at KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn's Seattle/Bellevue locations through the weekend.

CVS not only just opened their first Washington State store down in Renton, but they've also revamped a bit, got rid of selling cigarettes and renamed themselves as CVS Health
Follow #OneGoodReason for some inspiring stuff!

Saturday, September 6th:

Sunday, September 7th:


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A Seattle #DogVenture with Spike! (Sponsored)

Let me start off by saying this is probably my favorite brand campaign to date. DogVacay reached out to me for a DogVenture around the city, and Spike, Jacob and I were only too happy to oblige. Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, and Spike is always up for an adventure. We're so happy to have DogVacay in the Emerald City, so that even when we're out of town, we know Spike will get lots of active fun in.

What is DogVacay, you ask? It's a website and app that makes finding great pet sitters simpler than ever! Pet owners can search for pet sitters nearby, book stays and pay online, all with a couple clicks. All DogVacay reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo "pup"dates, so pet parents can rest easy knowing that their best friend is in great hands. DogVacay Hosts work hard to take pups on walks, to the beach, to parks, etc. whenever they have a Vacay. If your pup doesn't return home pooped, they haven't done their job. :)

We took Spike on a DogVenture at some of our favorite places to walk and frolic. Hope you enjoy following our Sunday Funday!

Our DogVenture started at the University Village, where Spike loves to charm all the families into giving him a piece of that Trophy Cupcake.
C'mon dad, one cupcake!

The bronze animal fountain is just as much fun for canine kids as it is for human ones!
Water! -- Whoa where'd it go?

Menchie's for some more people-watching (or yogurt-watching.) Don't worry Spike, they've got treats for the dogs too!

The next morning, our DogVenture continued at Alki Beach, where Spike quickly charmed a few Alki Beach 5k runners. Can't ever walk Spike on Alki without taking a half-hour to make it down one block. He looooves the attention!

It's exhausting being this handsome yo. I gotta take a seat!

We even played cheerleader for the awesome runners!
Way to go girls!

Quick pit stop at Hamilton Viewpoint Park for some frolicking in the grass. There had to have been a wedding there the night before, because rose petals were everywhere! So romantical.

Dad & Spike playing chase



The final stop on our DogVenture was Marination Ma Kai, home of the best patio view in the entire city - and dog-friendly to boot.

Gettin' kinda tired...

 I'd say our DogVenture was a success, because Spike was out for most of the afternoon and evening!
One tired pup


Thanks for this fun weekend, DogVacay! Visit DogVacay.com for more info & to find your next pet sitter. Follow more #DogVenture excursions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by DogVacay for this post. All opinions are mine!