Finding Light in Community: May's Mashup Dinner Recap

People may only think negativity comes out of having a cancer patient in your life, but I’ve experienced the opposite. After my 20-year old brother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this year, we have been embraced with surprising support from family, friends and our community. It felt awesome to say the least; but this new “normal” has given my family and myself a different perspective on feeling the need to give back.

I heard May Marquez’s story through the Food & Sh-t members before my brother was diagnosed. Before my brother’s life was threatened by cancer, we couldn’t wrap our heads around what it really felt like to go through that struggle and fear everyday. Now my family and I do know, and when I heard about May’s fundraiser dinner, I felt sort of a responsibility to help someone else who is going through a similar struggle.

Salted Sea Minter sweet Oysters with Watermelon and Cilantro Mignonette


4 Steps to Improving Your Productivity System

Raise your hand if you've got screen fatigue!

The struggle against online distraction has been a big battle in this year of simplifying, and I know I'm not alone on this one. When your job involves social media, there's no easy way to avoid all the distractions that come with using the tools of the trade. It takes a good organizational system and a WHOLE LOTTA discipline to use your time spent online most efficiently.

This Year of Simplify has me taking a good look at how I'm spending my time online, and making sweeping changes across the board. Everyone has to find productivity systems that work best for them, and I'm learning that less is truly more for my lifestyle.

Here are a few of the things I've been working on:


To Blog or Not to Blog? On Reaching the Plateau

In my quest to simplify this year, blogging continues to have a big question mark above it. I've made some big strides in saying 'no' to the unnecessary and creating space for my priorities, but I haven't figured out where blogging fits into it all.

I still struggle with being distracted by the interwebz, but I'm a lot more aware of it and working so hard to be more present in the moment. I'm working on some really fun projects at work that are so fulfilling but leave me so exhausted by the time I leave. The last thing I want to do is open up my laptop again and write!

BLQ Basiq jumpsuit / Higgins Creek lace mask / Zara heels / Open the Cellar Door necklace


#Seattle: Active Living Week, Fresh Dressed, Pipe + Row & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Check out some dog-friendly outdoor movie screenings over at Seattle DogSpot! Right this way

As part of Active Living Week June 24th - 30th, Whole Foods is having a sweet sale on protein powders. 25% off all frozen foods and other great deals too!

Pipe & Row's turning 1!

Fresh Dressed is back by popular demand! Limited screenings June 26th - July 2nd.
Details here

's got two new flavors: dill pickle and salted banana! Available through June 30th only.


#Seattle: Goldfinch Tavern Now Open, #SAMDisguise Discount & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:
Goldfinch Tavern Now Open!

Thrilled to announce we are now officially open! Join us for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night by dialing (206) 749-7070 to reserve your seat.

Posted by Goldfinch Tavern on Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm guest tweeting at SAM's Night of Disguise tomorrow night! 

I'm also speaking for General Assembly next Tuesday. It's at WeWork and it's free!

's got two new flavors: dill pickle and salted banana! Available through June 30th only.


The Revival of a Community: Port Angeles

What’s a city without a functional community? It's a city without much of a future. Many cities across the world, and in our own backyard at times, lack a sense of community within their people. One place I think has come along way with improving their community is Port Angeles, Washington. It was even up for Outside Online's “Best Towns 2015” top honor, losing by a smidge to Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Night of Disguise at #Seattle Art Museum This Friday! (+Discount!)

Hey Seattle! Whatcha doin' Friday night?

You should get dolled up in your favorite mask and head down to Seattle Art Museum for a Night of Disguise!


The Year of Simplify: Unwind with Yin Yoga

Y'all. I've found the best way to unwind after the weekend and get the week started off right! It's name is yin yoga.

My boyfriend started going to Sunday night yin a few months ago at Modo Yoga Seattle in Greenlake. After a week of sitting at work then cross-training in MMA, lifting, running and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yin is the perfect way for him to unwind and really stretch out the muscles. For me, yin is the balance I need between running (a new endeavor I'll get more into later), For the Glow sculpt and cardio cross-training and long hours at my desk.


Lookbook Love: WildFang's "Got #GAMEFACE"?

I'm a big WildFang fan not just because of the clothes and the rad boutique in Portland, but because they are always so artistic and creative when it comes to every facet of their brand. My latest 'lookbook' love goes to their new photo series, #GAMEFACE, which struck me in how intricate and straight fierce these young and budding soccer stars are.

Photographer Andrea Corradini captured these right before they stepped out onto the pitch. Each of the girls exude a kind of confidence and strength that women (and men) of all ages can't help but be inspired by. WildFang and Corradini have really outdone themselves this time!

View all the photos and mini-interviews here. Shop the WildFang exclusive 'Squad Tee' just in time for the women's World Cup!