My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 10/23/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Pure Barre is opening their Redmond studio this weekend! You can snag a spot in their free preview classes this Friday, and new clients can take advantage of a 5 weeks for $110 special (complete with some sticky barre socks!)


Seattle! Cutie & The Beast Burger @ Lil Woody's for Dog Adoption Month

As an avid lover of dogs and of Lil Woody's, it's my pleasure to share with you the burger joint's latest collaboration!



My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 10/17/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Save the date for Wine Women & Shoes
Tix are going fast; get them here.


Seattle: Spa Week 2014 Lands at Hotel 1000 & More!

Looking for an excuse to treat yo'self? Spa Week is coming next week (October 20 - 26) and there's a whole slew services being offered at just $50 at different spas across the country. I had the chance to check out one of those services last month, enjoying an after-work Swedish massage at The Spahh at Hotel 1000 courtesy of Spa Week.

From the moment I walked into Spahh (in the basement level of Hotel 1000) to the moment I walked out a couple of hours later, it felt like a mini-vacation. I'd come in during a particularly stressful week; after work but before the post-work meeting I had to prep for a blog-related event. I was ready for that massage but the service was definitely icing on the cake. I snapped a few photos of my time there before and after my massage, and reveled in 60 minutes of bliss thanks to Autumn, my masseuse. 

The softest, most luxurious bathrobe


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 10/9/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Seattle Interactive Conference happens next Wednesday & Thursday! Don't miss out on Makers talks, networking & more.

Seattle, there's a new food delivery app in town! Get delicious meals from chefs around the city with Lish. Last night, we enjoyed a Filipino dinner courtesy of Lish featuring pork belly adobo with lugaw by chef Garrett Doherty of Kraken Congee followed by a slice of heaven, aka Chera (1/2 of Food & Sh_t)'s Hood Famous ube cheesecake. 


Look Inside: Seattle Art Museum's Pop Departures Exhibit

Not since the Picasso exhibit have I been so taken by a Seattle Art Museum feature exhibit. Pop Departures is opening tonight, and you're in for quite the treat, Seattle. Pop Departures curator Catharina Manchanda took us on a media tour of the exhibit, which highlights the work of American Pop Art icons Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldbenburg and Robert Indiana. My favorite piece is from New York artist Mickalene Thomas; 'Hair Portrait' is for sure inspired by Beyonce and Lauryn Hill although she won't say exactly who.

There's a packed calendar of events around Pop Departures and other new SAM exhibits this fall, including Takashi Murakami works at Seattle Asian Art Museum, talks from featured exhibit artists, Warhol movie showings and of course, SAM Remix. Hard to choose just a few favorites, but because I don't want to spoil the exhibit I whittled it down. Enjoy!

Lookbook Love: Converse Rubber 2014 Collection

It's still like 75 degrees and sunny out, but the rain is coming. I can feel it, Seattle and I know you do too. If you're on the lookout for rain boots but Hunter wellies and duck shoes aren't really your thing, Converse has come to the rescue! The classic All-Star hi-top has been reincarnated into the flyest rubber shoe in the game. Monochromatic for a sleek look, and french terry lining to keep those feet warm & dry too. I'll take one of each, please!


On Rekindling the Art of Conversation

Do you ever feel like the art of conversation is fading fast thanks to social media?

I've been thinking a lot lately about how much harder it is for me to delve into a good conversation, especially with someone I've just met. I feel like I used to be much better at it during my days as an events director, when I had lots of opportunities to engage in conversation at our events. My team and I worked hard to make sure chamber of commerce members got their time and money's worth out of our events. We placed icebreaker questions on tent cards on every table, and committee members stood at the ready, greeting everyone and giving special attention to making wallflowers feel at home. I learned a lot in those days about the art of conversation, and networking in ways that didn't feel slimy or salesy.

Fast forward to becoming a blogger social media professional. While I embraced my digital native nature five years ago, nowadays I feel like I'm un-learning and re-learning what it's like to be a normal, offline human being. I think everyone has a digital breaking point, and I reached mine recently. I spend way too much time in front of a screen, and the list of things it's doing to my body, mind and soul far outweigh the benefits. I sit too long. My neck, shoulders and fingers get sore from holding and looking at my phone, or typing on my laptop on the couch (which I am doing right now. :/)

I lay in bed staring at my phone even though I'm dead tired and should be trying to sleep. I have a (imaginary?) twitch from wondering if I've missed anything since the last time I was online - which probably wasn't too long ago. I write about how bloggers are sometimes awkward in real-life despite a shiny online personality - then I wonder if I'm one of them too. Most of all, I lean on my phone to get me out of those uncomfortable social situations that should be challenging me to have conversations with people. Those precious skills I built in my chamber of commerce days have sat dormant for way too long. I let myself get away with being a real-life social asshole just because I let myself get comfortable being social only online. I know many of you do too, and we gotta stop!


Aces Interview: Ivanka Trump

It's been a long while since I've done an Aces interview, but when you get the chance to interview Ivanka Trump, you can't pass it up! I had just that opportunity this week and spent a few minutes with Ivanka before her appearance at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom flagship store. As with all of my Aces interviews, I asked more lifestyle-based questions rather than focus too much on the business reason of her trip (promoting her very stylish Ivanka Trump shoe collection that's now available at Nordstrom, which is affordable without sacrificing the chic!)

Ivanka is one of many badass ladies whom I admire, not just for her business acumen and her commitment to working hard, but for her awareness and willingness to grow her personal brand. I wrote about her book The Trump Card several years ago (and have read it a few more times since), but the overarching message is still the same. Ivanka could have easily just settled into the family business and built the family name; instead, she's branched out into her own lines of business through apparel and accessories and penned her own book about her approach to personal branding and business (among many other accomplishments.) More than anything, she's fully embraced who she is - entrepreneur, millenial, wife, mother, sister, daughter - and put herself out there as the leading example of what it means to be a modern woman. She's so poised and polished in person and I loved chatting with her.




My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 10/2/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Families! Make sure you roll by the Gates Foundation Visitor Center this Saturday for Innovation Day!