For the Glow Friday: On Mindful Eating (+ Cooking)

A very common conversation I've been having lately:

Me: "Oh, I'm doing this challenge. I'm not eating grains, soy, dairy or legumes."  

Other person:
"Poor child, what can you have?!"

It's kind of hilarious and a little sad how shocked people are when they hear someone can't have this, this or that - by choice. It's not a detox but still a challenge, and yes, we still have a lot of foods (meats, fruits, veggies and all the greens) to choose from! The whole point of For the Glow's 33 to Glow program is to omit these things from our diets for awhile, to see what the change in our bodies is like. As usual, we're two weeks in and I've seen and experienced a lot of other knowledge bombs along the way. There's a million flowery Pinterest images on facing your fears and insecurities, but let me tell you, all you have to do is join a For the Glow challenge (AND COMMIT TO IT) to actually, truly, honestly tackle them head-on.

One of my biggest insecurities is around cooking. I've just never considered myself a cook, which as I've gotten older seems more of a negative habit than anything. It's expensive eating out all the time, and it's probably a sign I'm too busy for my own good. Busy is not a badge of honor to me - it's a badge of "I can't get my shit together." But that's another blog post. Anywho, I love challenges like these because cooking at home is now the easiest and most economical option. Eating out is always a gamble, b/c even if I request no cheese & sauce on the side, there's no guarantee the waiter knows if my sauce was cooked with corn starch or not. Stuff like that. It's not difficult to eat out, but it's a lot easier to eat in. 

I ordered the Seafood & Spinach salad at the new Agave restaurant in Queen Anne. No cheese, tossed in olive oil. Super delish!

I started cooking more last year during my first For the Glow challenges and programs, but a year obviously wasn't enough to get it into my system. I'm liable to let my cravings guide me in the moment, and we all know that when that happens, they'll guide you to pizza, tacos, donuts and whiskey. Things that are easy to obtain, not (seemingly) expensive, come in colors and presentations that are easy on the eyes and that put a stronghold on your tastebuds so you'll crave it again in two hours. You feel me? Making my own food means I'm sure about where everything came from and how it's prepared. 

I am by no means a fancy cook. Anything beyond 5 ingredients that takes more than 10 steps to make and I'm out. Hand me a bag of chips instead please. Our For the Glow community has blossomed to include a lot of really fantastic chefs who produce some delicious-looking, delicious-sounding meals on the regular (Hi Madeline & Cara!) When I joined FTG, Jenn's diet was heavy leaning towards raw and superfood meals from simple, 5-ingredient-or-less recipes.

Jenn's also got a good rule of thumb as far as plate ratio goes. Hella greens, veggies and a protein about the size of a deck of cards. I'm with it. This is garlic chicken on top of cauliflower rice, sauteed mushrooms & onions with a simple steamed kale & red pepper salad.

The great thing about a raw diet is that you're barely using the oven/stove, if ever! You just cut shh up, throw it in a bowl with some greens and you're good! Easy for me to understand & implement no matter how busy I am. My fancy chef girls have encouraged and challenged me to expand my own recipe base this year, so that I'm eating more/similar meals I enjoy all the time, on-Challenge or off.

I still look for recipes that aren't super complicated, and I've actually been searching for Paleo recipes along with whatever ingredients I've bought for the week. "Paleo chicken & mushrooms" "Paleo cauliflower rice" etc. etc. One of the best things about 33 to Glow is it's super-Paleo friendly, so I can make meals for my boyfriend's MMA fighter diet too. The couple that eats healthy together, has more energy for fun stuff together! LOL

Homemade sweet potato fries, stir-fried veggies and Persian shirazi salad (thanks Natasha!)

I'm a creature of habit, and often make dishes that last me a couple of meals. Yes, even with a forever-hungry fighter boyfriend in the house. That gives me the ability to do food prep in 2-3 bulk sessions every week, rather than deciding what to cook, in the moment when I'm already hungry. Food prep does wonders for portion and craving control!

Changing your lifelong habits is a constant work in progress, and I've definitely had my share of 'falling off the wagon,' especially with the choices and time I make for food. But this is one of the things 33 to Glow is all about, right? Little, consistent steps forward to mindful, healthier eating habits.

If you have any favorite Paleo recipes, I'd love links/shares in the comments below! Thank you!

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My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 7/24/14

My top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week! 

Featured events:

Capitol Hill Block Party is here! Get your tickets for a weekend filled with A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Matt & Kim, Chromeo & more.

C.Lowe by Scarlet & Gold is launching and they're here in Seattle to celebrate! Come hang with The Bachelor's Catherine Giudici and team at Fred Wildlife Refuge this Saturday night. I'll be there with the Show Me Your Mumu team!

Foodportunity is also back, this Monday at Palace Ballroom. Who doesn't love a foodie event at a Tom Douglas venue? This time Foodportunity is sponsored by Kitchenbug. The event usually sells out, so get your tix quick!

Have you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? It's still going strong if you haven't yet. So many great deals on fall fashion!

All weekend:
Shamila Jiwa will be in Bellevue this weekend with her beautiful collections of baubles! Visit her 10:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. Friday & Saturday; 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. at the Bellevue Galleria.

The Seattle Public Library is bringing the library to your 'hood! Check out their Open Air Pop-Up Libraries in various Seattle neighborhoods throughout the summer.

Other fun upcoming events:

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What is Big Data? (by Titus Kimbowa)

Photo from Start Work Now

When at meet ups, there are plenty founders and entrepreneurs alike that talk a big game when it comes to big data. They tell you how they plan on using big data to get customers and design the best app ever. But how are you getting this big data and how are you using it to accomplish these goals?

*Awkward silence*

What’s big data to me? Here’s my short version:

Social graph of any given user:


  • How many likes? 
  • What do these likes mean? 
  • What can you say about that person’s interests? 
  • What’s their state of mind?
  • Track and group likes in same vertical 
  • Find influencers, etc.


  • What’s the occasion?
  • Who’s in it?
  • Location?
  • Date and time 
  • Find influencers, etc.

Status updates, tweets, etc etc.

This can be done across all social and business graphs to find ways to target groups and communities at the deepest level.

Think: Zuck’s experiment

Analyzing and understanding what all these mean is the big challenge for many marketers. Luckily, there are plenty of tools to help you understand and use big data.


Titus Kimbowa is a young entrepreneur living in Seattle, WA. He was born in Kampala, Uganda & moved to the States when he was 12. He’s currently a senior at the University of Washington and serves as vice-president of the UW American Marketing Association, and he's interning as the product marketing analyst for stealthy start-up Webtuner. He’s got past experience as part of the Zagat team at Google, Crown Social, TEDxYouth Seattle, and starting up an enterprise travel company. In his spare time (which he rarely gets) he likes to play basketball, read, and hang out around Seattle.

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Lookbook Love: West Elm Fall '14 Collection

West Elm is in my 'hood & that's a problem - in a "one of everything, please" kinda way. Something I've always loved about WE is their regular rotation of independent designer collaborations as well as pieces from different parts of the world. Their fall collection features collabos from Coyuchi, Steven Alan, Miles & May, Rachel Kozlowski and The Fitness Club, while pieces from Peru, Haiti, India and the Philippines round it out.

I chose some of my favorite vignettes & featured items below, and you can probably tell I have a thing for the modern rustic. I adore the capiz chandelier - it reminds me of the jewelry boxes and other stuff my grandma's given me from the Philippines! What are your favorites? 


Wine Women Shoes - Seattle is Coming! (+ A Skoah Giveaway!)

I'm thrilled to be a judge at the Wine Women & Shoes event benefiting Olive Crest! Hope you can join us on Thursday, October 16th at Four Seasons in downtown Seattle. Tickets are going super fast and will probably sell out long before the event. Get yours now!

Wine Women & Shoes is an event & fundraising platform that's raised over $20 million for women's & children's charities from 175 events across the country. Seattle's hosted several WWS events over the past years, and I'm looking forward to being a part of it for the first time. Olive Crest is an awesome non-profit focused on preventing child abuse & preserving the family. To help OC get the awareness out for Wine Women & Shoes, I'm hosting a giveaway with Skoah...

Wine Women Shoes - Seattle 2014 - Olive Crest

Enter to win a Fascialcious facial at Skoah's Seattle/Bellevue spas when you share about WWS! There are lots of ways to enter to win below. You have through Thursday, July 31st at 11:59p.m. to enter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


For the Glow Friday: On Goal-Settin' & Half-Steppin'

The first week of the For the Glow intensive & 33 to Glow programs are almost behind us! So far, so good - made it to all the workouts and have stuck to the approved foods list. While it's not quite a detox, the 33 to Glow food protocol still takes some getting used to. Battling cravings & exerting discipline are constant challenges to work through. I've found I'm weakest in the afternoon/early evening. That transition from work to home (usually off of a nap) is when I'm most vulnerable - and most likely to want an easy (read: processed or otherwise bad for me) snack. It's so hard to tell yourself 'no' when you're tired, hot (it was 90 degrees all week) and seemingly hungry. Instead, I drank some water, walked my dog and let those cravings melt away.

"One more star jump guys! I mean one more set!" - Jennian Michaels ;)

Jenn's definitely amped up the intensity of our workouts this week, because holy shh everything hurts! I've been consistently sore since Tuesday. Our foam roller and epsom salt have been working overtime for ya girl this week. Each workout's been challenging and I come away with a solid layer of sweat. It hurts, but that's how we know it's working! This week has been the perfect pace to set momentum for the rest of the intensive.

This right here is some goal-setting in the making. p.s. Thrive is an awesome read on balance!

Last Saturday, I took the morning to hole up in a coffee shop, clear my mind and read through everything 33 to Glow and intensive-related. Just like the Resolution Challenge and last summer's candida detox, I found it extremely helpful to carve out some alone time to immerse myself in what I'm about to undertake. Read through all the materials. Take notes on my current state of things & why I want to do this program. Make to-do and grocery lists. Take screenshots of what I can/can't have and make it my phone's wallpaper. All of this to get me to specific goals I want to accomplish during this program.

Jenn's got some goals she wants us to achieve during the intensive, but setting my own goals help me create a fuller picture of what I'm looking to get out of this (and any) program. That fuller picture is what takes seemingly separate goals and weaves them into a strategy for making solid lifestyle changes. That weight loss or "eat more kale" goal doesn't mean anything if you can't understand how it'll fit into your every day life - on a program, and off of it.

I wish this print by MaseFace was still in stock.

I took notes on my nutrition & eating habits. My sleeping habits. My awful dependency on social media and constantly having a screen in front of me. Stuff I wanted to change. In addition to the goals I'm aiming for during the intensive, I've added:
  • Sleep earlier (have averaged a half-hour earlier this week already!)
  • Offline / no screens after 10:30p.m. except to set my alarm
  • Post-workout/evening stretching sessions, epsom salt baths
  • Drink a lot of water (like, shoot for a gallon every day)
  • Stand up when you're at the computer
  • Spend more of my reading time on food (recipes/storage), muscle recovery, nutrition, & other health-related things to up my knowledge
Elevated self-care is the name of my game these next few weeks. I'm shooting for the stars & ain't no half-steppin to get there.


Read up on all my For the Glow posts here.

In Seattle & want to check out a For the Glow workout for free? Bring your yoga mat & join us this Sunday at Athleta University Village at 9am! RSVP here as space is limited.

There are also deals on For the Glow class packages if you can't make it on Sunday!


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 7/17/14

My top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week! 

Featured events:

I hope you can join For the Glow and I at Athleta University Village this Sunday morning for Summer Style & Glow! Bring your yoga mat for a free Glow Flow class with Jenn, then see some of Athleta's summer styles modeled for the season. It's free! Space is limited & spots are filling up!

While I'm at it, come try out For the Glow classes for a week, for just $25! It's a steal of a deal & you'll hang with the coolest girls in Seattle (I am biased) while getting some amazing workouts in (not biased b/c I am very sore right now)

Lululemon's Noir collection has just landed in the Bellevue Square store, and it's definitely a "one of everything, please!" This midi dress is not only stylish, it's made out of the same lulu fabric as your favorite yoga pants. WIN WIN. (p.s. it's sold out online, so rush into the store before they sell out!)

Friday, July 18th:
STOCK UP!!! But don't touch the chia seeds 'til after I get there, because thanks to 33 to Glow that's probably the only thing I can buy :)

She's gonna hate me for posting this, but come see my BFF Paula and The Seattle Women's Steel Pan Project's performance & fundraiser tomorrow night! 

All weekend:
The Play Nintendo Tour is making a stop at the Bite of Seattle this weekend! Head to The Armory food court to play:

Saturday, July 19th:

Head out to Pure Barre Capitol Hill for some free classes for Block Party at the Barre!
Register here (space is limited!)

Splendid x P.S. I Made This (with a deal!)

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Apple’s Strategy with Dr. Dre (by Titus Kimbowa)

Apple’s on the quest to continue the longstanding stronghold on popular culture. With the acquisition of Beats by Dre, they are well positioned to dominate the next wave of consumer products.

The first time I ever touched a computer was when I was 12 years old. I played games on my uncle’s HP desktop during the summer before I started school and thought it was the best thing ever. After that summer, I enrolled in the local middle school. Computers there were weird; they were colorful and were shaped different. The software design was also different; it was a lot easier to draw stuff on this computer. I also understood how it worked faster than I did the HP machine.

They were just different.

iMacs made it easy for students to express their individuality. These colorful machines were tools for expression. This approach to design is continuous in all of Apple products. We are all witnesses to the dent the iPod put on the music industry. It is in Apple’s DNA to do things differently; to influence and drive culture.

Dr. Dre’s Influence

Hip-hop has grown from being a genre that was ridiculed to one of the most influential genres on pop culture. This statement in itself could be a blog post so I won’t go too deep into that.

During the late 80s / early 90s, hip-hop took a turn from easy-going party music with some drug references to hardcore gangsta rap. This transition came as the opportunity for Dre to express himself.

At a time when rappers were by rapping with limited explicit lyrics; NWA came on the scene with brash, unforgiving lyrics that spoke of of the harsh life in Compton. Even after media uproar, they held no punches when expressing themselves. This was their life unfiltered and they saw no other way to tell it. This became the meat and potatoes of hip hop’s culture:

Expression has been a big part of the success of Beats by Dre. With a slick design and a multitude of colors to pick from, Beats allow music lovers to show their style through the color of their headphones. This is true at every level; from the NFL and NBA athletes, to the kids playing on school yards.

Outside of the slick design of the headphones and having color choice, Dr Dre’s influence on pop culture is what makes Beats’ stronghold on the premium headphone market unstoppable. Dre sits atop the influencers of today’s culture: Music. The Beats By Dre YouTube channel has multiple interviews with music artists and celebs alike. Additionally, the big screen shows athletes using beats as a way to tune out noise and redirecting their focus on the game.

Acquiring the mind and influence of Dr Dre will allow Apple to continue mission of influencing culture.
The crazy thing is that we have a (ex)gangsta rapper part of a team making decisions on products that will be used across the globe. Hip hop’s influence has hit it’s highest stage yet. My guess is Apple is switching gears from think different to express yourself.

Beats by Dre YouTube channel 


Titus Kimbowa is a young entrepreneur living in Seattle, WA. He was born in Kampala, Uganda & moved to the States when he was 12. He’s currently a senior at the University of Washington and serves as vice-president of the UW American Marketing Association, and he's interning as the product marketing analyst for stealthy start-up Webtuner. He’s got past experience as part of the Zagat team at Google, Crown Social, TEDxYouth Seattle, and starting up an enterprise travel company. In his spare time (which he rarely gets) he likes to play basketball, read, and hang out around Seattle.

Find Titus on Twitter, and view all of his posts here.


Lookbook Love: Nike Pro Bra Collection

Bra shopping is the worst. No two women are the same, and quite frankly, no two boobies are the same. Nike's put two years of research and development into their new Nike Pro Bra Collection to alleviate the sports bra shopping struggle. Four major styles to cover lightweight to full support, with the Rival offered in 25 sizes from 30B to 38E. A bra for every set! I love these shots of Skylar Diggins, Darya Klishina, Xue Chen & Katarina Johnson in the collection. Major muscle inspo!

Nike Pro Bra Collection_Skylar Diggins

Nike Pro Bra Collection_Skylar Diggins

Nike Pro Bra Collection_Darya Klishina

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection_Skylar Diggins

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection

Nike Pro Bra Collection


For the Glow Friday (On a Monday): Intensive + 33 to Glow Kickoff

Hi! Hope you're enjoying some beautiful summer weekends! I sure am, which partly means some much-needed time offline and away from the computer. I've got some structure coming to what I post and when, one of which is a For the Glow Friday weekly post. FTG still rules everything around me - my fridge is always stocked, my shopping budget is decidedly heavier at places that sell cute yoga pants and sports bras, and I love working out. Every For the Glow Friday I'll wax poetic on what's going on in my life and brain in terms of food, health and fitness.

However, I needed to kick this series off today because it's the first day of two programs I'm doing with Jenn: the For the Glow '33 to Glow' food protocol and an 8-week intensive focused on some customized workouts and nutrition attention to bring serious change to my body. 

I'm more committed to this intensive than I've ever been with any For the Glow program (and as you probably know, this is the first and only food/workout program I've ever done), and 33 to Glow is the perfect way to kick things off. In short, we're looking at 33 days on a grain-, dairy-, soy- & legume-free lifestyle, after which the girls who are doing the intensive will continue on their custom workout & food protocol. I've devoured the program guide, meal planned, Pinterest & Pocket-ed some recipes, grocery shopped, bought supplements, meal prepped, put all workouts & important dates on my calendar,  saved/subscribed all the articles/blogs Jenn's mentioned, and set the shh out of some goals to read & research more on how food & fitness affect my body, and for better self-care. I even took screenshots of what I can/can't have during each phase of 33 to Glow and have Phase I as the wallpaper on my phone, so I can consult that list whenever I need to. I AM NOT PLAYIN! Jenn wants to see some changes and dammit I'm showing up for every workout, every meal, every Beyonce or Golden Girls gif and every check-in to make that happen.

Image via For the Glow. Jenn let me use this b/c she knows I love it so much <3

We have an incredible community for which I'm forever grateful. We didn't have this last year and when I did the candida detox in August I felt really alone aside from Jenn's unyielding support. While the community is so amazing and supportive, doing that detox last year showed me that when it comes down to it, it always comes back to how committed you are to seeing things through. Not because she's doing it too and that's what you want. Not even b/c it's what your coach wants. How loyal are you to your goals? 

I'm so excited to share this journey with you. Prepare for Friday posts of ups, downs, struggles, successes, and probably some forlorn craving for rice and chocolate bar donuts. As always, if you have any questions about For the Glow or you're curious to try it out, let me know! 

OH & FYI this is my theme song for this intensive. It was my theme song last year and, well, it worked so I'm bringing it back. Also I imagine Ciara already looks like this again even though she just had a baby: