#Seattle! Bartell Drugs' Health & Beauty Event - Apr 26 - May 9

Attention Seattle beauties!

You're invited to Bartell Drugs' Health & Beauty Event, April 26th through May 9th at ten locations here in the Puget Sound area.

If you're looking to stock up on your makeup bag mainstays or trying some new thangs for your spring and summer beauty regime, Bartell is the place for you these next couple of weeks.

They've got FREE makeup consultations that comes with a complimentary goody bag filled with fun samples of some of Bartell's newest health and beauty products. Make a consultation reservation here.

During special hours, they'll be surprising you with great samples of more of their latest products. There'll also be lots of chances to win a $125 Bartells gift card at each of the ten demo stores - and there's a grand prize giveaway for a spa vacation for two!

Bartell invited me into the South Lake Union store to stock up on my own health & beauty needs. I'm no beauty or skincare product expert, so I enlisted the help of my Facebook and Twitter friends, plus the advice of my favorite beauty blogs. Here's what I got, and who recommended them to me:

Oh, and here's a coupon for you to use too! Save the image below and print it out before you head to the event!

Thanks Bartell Drugs for having me!

Disclosure: Product provided by Bartell Drugs for this post. All opinions are mine!



Less priorities. More time & focus on 'em.
Less screen time. More presence in the moment.
Less posturing. More giving back.
Less noise. More silence.
Less rushing. More mindfulness.
Less comparison. More growth.
Less television. More satiating curiosity.
Less networking. More connecting.
Less calendar appointments. More playtime.
Less talkin' bout it. More being 'bout it.
Less yes to everything. More yes to the things that matter.
Less time for fake ones. More sippin Cristal (smoothies) with these real ones.
Less shopping. More thoughtful curating.
Less spending. More saving.
Less things. More experiences.
Less Pinterest. More real life.
Less digital. More analog.
Less burgers. More burpees.
More Glow. Always more @fortheglow.
More mentoring. More getting mentored.
Hopefully less sugar! LOL
Less consuming. More creating.
Always elevating the fresh.


#Seattle Event Picks: Teen Action Fair, Bell + Whete Sunday Pig Roast & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:
Bell + Whete is hosting a Sunday Pig Roast dinner starting this Sunday! Executive Chef Stew Navarre will be roasting a whole young pig from Heritage Meats out of Rochester, WA.
$26 per person includes: Roasted Pig, Salt Roasted Potatoes, Spring Asparagus, Citrus Chili Garlic Drippings and housemade Bannock bread, served on a wooden board for family style or individual servings. 

One of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center's biggest events happen this Saturday!


#Seattle Event Picks: PNB Black Swan Soiree, Eddie Huang @ ASUW & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

Four lady Seattleites are launching their book this Saturday!


What's On My Playlist: April 2015

This weekend we celebrated our dear friends Frank & Sarah, who asked Jacob and I to say a few words during the ceremony on long-lasting love and relationships. As we were mulling over what we'd say, the very true fact that I've listened to Trap Queen probably 3000 times in the last month came to light. Haha! I'm a creature of habit to a fault, what can I say.

Since then I've made it a point to try and find new music to listen to every day. I love Spotify's Browse function for this, and will peruse the various featured playlists for something to fit my mood. I've found myself gravitating to a lot of indie, folk & blues, but as you'll see below, I'm into a bit of everything. Not just hip-hop, I promise!

What's on your playlist? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know!


How Keeping a Time Journal Keeps Me Productive

Have you ever gone to bed wondering what you got done all day? You remember being busy - maybe even productive. Yet you're not quite sure what you did, and if any of it was stuff you were supposed to get done today.

This year of simplifying has helped me realize that routines are my steez. Not that routine rules my life - not by any means - but having some of it helps keep me productive when I need to be, for as long as I need to be. In order to make time for self-care, reading, writing, dates with my boyfriend and cuddles with my bulldog, I have to use my time in the office or in front of a laptop wisely.

I've been exploring different ways to be more productive, and studying my own habits a lot more closely. We have to find the systems that work best for us, right?


#Seattle Event Picks: Fresh Dressed at #ByDesign15, BLOOM Spring Party & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:

From April 10th-14th, The Northwest Film Forum & Civilization present the #ByDesign15 Film Festival, 7+ design focused films with related panels & events.

Fresh Dressed is premiering in the Northwest and screening Friday night only!
 "The history of hip-hop fashion from its birth in the South Bronx to the rise of a multi billion-dollar global industry. More than a documentary about fashion and music, Fresh Dressed is a thorough contemplation of cultural economy, police brutality and community solidarity—in short, the history of hip hop.

Do you or someone you know need a dress for prom season? 


How to Not Be a Cliché Traveler

Jess: It's been awhile since I've introduced new voices here on Fresh Jess, and today I'm delighted to welcome Emma Eekhoff, another Twitter follow turned real-life friend. Emma is a firecracker of a high schooler, and I admire her determination and tenacity to grow her network beyond her peer group. You'll hear from her periodically here on FJ. For her first post, a few words on traveling off the beaten path:

Over spring break, I’ve seen many of my classmates travel to tropical locations, like well-worn parts of Hawaii or Mexico.

Since our generation feels the need to share every moment of their life via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the telegraph, I have been kept up to date on everyone’s happenings. Seeing all of the updates on social media, I've noticed that most everyone went to - how do I say this without sounding too pretentious? - a place I would describe as ‘safe’ or wealthy areas of these vacation cities.

Thanks to my parents, I've had quite the opposite of experiences traveling to new cities. I’ve noticed that the best memories aren't from staying on-course and going to the crowded resort beaches.

Image via Pinterest


Lookbook Love: Topshop at Nordstrom Spring '15

Sharing these looks from Topshop's latest collection for Nordstrom because I love Topshop at Nordstrom, but also because gratuitous shots of Cara Delevingne and her otherworldly eyebrows.


#Seattle Event Picks: #MyRays, Whole Foods happy hour, Topshop at Nordstrom & More

Here are some of my favorite events, deals and other things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:
I spend all my time at Whole Foods, so why not do happy hour there too?

Ray's Boathouse wants to send you on a cruise!

Topshop touches down at Nordstrom Alderwood this weekend! 

My dearest Jenn of For the Glow is teaching a free class at Lorna Jane downtown Seattle every Thursday night at 6:45p.m. Attend one of her classes and enter to win some sweet LJ gifts (maybe even an outfit!)