Fresh Jess Faves: Black Friday Deals

Alright here are Black Friday deals from my favorite stores & brands, mostly in Seattle:

Alive & Well -

Coastal on Alki - 15% off the entire store on Small Biz Saturday

For the Glow - (Seattle only) New clients can grab 5 classes for $20.15 OR Save over 50% on 5A XPRESS + 9:30A classes (9:30A classes will be Monday-Friday starting January 5th.) Sign up at SeattleGlows.com

Gidgette Bardot - 30% off sitewide w/ code SHOPSMALL

Kari Gran - limited edition Naughty & Nice Lip Whips are $5 off:

Moksha Seattle - celebrating Small Biz Saturday with local designers and closing with the les femmes event

OHA Skincare - 22% off sitewide with code thanks22

Pure Barre Seattle/Eastside - 30% off retail +

Robert Leonard (RL) Salon - 25% off all retail

skoah - Book a holiday facial for $55 (normally $80) by 11/30

Wildfang - 20% off now, $20 for later

Zara - 30% off sitewide


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! I have a lot to be thankful for this year. In no particular order, rhyme or reason, here's what's on my mind this holiday:

I am thankful for Jenn and For the Glow. I'm writing this in a puddle of sweat following our 90-minute workout extravaganza this morning. The variety of moves we did will definitely have my metabolism on high today, which will come in handy for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Thanks Jenn for giving me and so many other women out there the confidence to own our strength and beauty - whether that's in the jeans we couldn't fit into last year, or the sweatpants we are about to adorn for this Thanksgiving day.


A Big List of Thanksgiving + Black Friday Online Deals

While I am not a fan of physically shopping stores that are open on Thanksgiving, I know there'll be a lot of us putzing around online tomorrow, in between food comas and football games, or on personal missions to avoid the holiday altogether. That's cool. I wanted to share some of these deals from rewardStyle retailers (praise you rS for this neat list!)

I'll be updating this throughout the weekend and Cyber Monday as new sales go live. I'm also working on some Seattle-based and indie deal guides as well!

Hit me at jess@freshjess.com if you've got a deal you'd like to share. Doesn't have to be an rS retailer; for the sake of time and brevity this initial post only has theirs.

Happy shopping!


Fresh Jess Holiday Picks for Gear Live

Last week, Andru of Gear Live invited me to be a part of their Holiday Bash in Seattle, and give my picks in fashion, beauty and fitness for the season. Gear Live is a big tech blog based here, and since its readers are mostly male, I wanted to highlight items not just because I'm into them myself, but because they're functional and approachable. I wanted these to be the kinds of gifts Gear Live fans could easily buy online and in local stores without the fear of it being too fashionable or irrelevant to the special someone they're shopping for. I am not much for holiday guides, but thought I should put this up for those who wanted to see them:

Fresh Jess Gear Live Holiday Picks

1. The search for a sustainable, zero-waste, grippy yoga mat is over. I have this Manduka pro Lite mat on my wish list for next year's burpees in the park.

2. Scotch & Soda skyrocketed high onto my favorite stores list after I hosted an event at their U-Village store earlier this fall. I've been wearing the Maison Scotch fluffy punk scarf with everything lately. It puts the definitive Seattle touch on my outfit :) 
3. I am not into wearing a ton of makeup and spend much more of my time and money on keeping my skin healthy. That includes regular facials at skoah - and at home I use many of their products! My favorite product is the skoah Hydra Dew Mask. It keeps your face & neck hydrated and moisturized and gentle enough to use everyday (and leave on all day if you forget.) I recommend this to everyone, for the plane, in desert heat and in the harsh winter temps. 

4. I'm not a trendy fragrance person and when I find one I like, I tend to stick to it for years. I've just added Oribe's Côte d'Azur eau de parfum to my boudoir. The sandalwood, jasmine & bergamot are the perfect notes. You can find it in Seattle at Robert Leonard Salon & Spa next to Jazz Alley!

5. I love my Converse rubber All-Star hi-tops - and they're a hit with men, women and kids! They're on sale at Nordstrom if you can get your hands on a pair. They're going fast!


Best Year Yet Giveaway: Stratejoy Holiday Council + For the Glow Resolution Challenge!

How many times have you set resolutions, only to abandon them by March? We all want to lose weight, eat better and do better overall, but resolutions won't ever cut it. Why even wait for the new year to set the path towards a better you?

The last two years have been the most transformative years of my life, hands down. Freelance life will have you all up in your own head and your feelings, with fear, doubt, and stress eating of donuts at every turn. Despite the realities that come with working on my own, I managed to find my voice, find my confidence, find my fittest, healthiest self ever and find the courage to stick by my decisions for better or for worse. I have two fellow power women to thank for that - and this year I'm giving away their programs that have set me on the right path!

Stratejoy's Holiday Council is the best way to set your strategy for the new year. Imagine this:

  • Being surrounded with “your people” while immersing yourself in some magical personal work.
  • Entering 2015 with a powerful grasp on what went well this year and what you’d like to leave behind. 
  • Not freaking out on New Year’s Eve when someone asks you what your “resolutions” are for 2015. Who needs resolutions when you’ve got a yearly theme, strong intentions, specific ways of “being” and a Q1 Action Plan?
  • Having an added level of accountability and camaraderie while you actually DO THE WORK! 

For the Glow's Resolution Challenge was my catalyst for permanent weight loss and a lifestyle that's rich in burpees, green smoothies and superfoods. Jenn's revamped the 2015 program, and this year the Challenge is capped at 50 women so that she can devote time to ensure we all reach our goals.

  • 21-day Detox with full meal planning, recipes and week-by-week shopping guides
  • 3 weeks (post-detox) of meal planning, recipes + shopping guides with an emphasis on energy, permanent weight loss + helping each gal find her dietary blueprint
  • 6-weeks of fitness, including an interactive calendar + 10 glowFIT video workouts Weekly webinars + community challenges (FB)

Are you ready for your best year yet? 

If you're with me, enter to win below! I'm choosing a winner this Black Friday, November 28th at 11:59p.m. PST. You can enter every day until then. Good luck!

Get full details on the Stratejoy Holiday Council and the For the Glow Resolution Challenge


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 11/20/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:
I'll be at the Gear Live Holiday Bash tonight sharing my holiday gift picks in fashion, beauty and fitness! There are a few tickets left. Join us at The Coterie Room!


On #Mockingjay:

I was invited to preview Mockingjay last night in exchange for some social media work I did. Now that I'm hopped up on movie nachos and caffeine (sorry Jenn), here are some of my scattered thoughts on the movie:


The political undertones of Hunger Games and Catching Fire come front and center in Mockingjay. There's a lot to read into with this movie and much more to think about afterwards - which is why I think it might be the best one in the series so far.

Such. good. casting. Effie Trinket (Elizabeth James) and Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) are some of my favorites in all three movies, but Julianne Moore as (Madam) President Coin of District 13 is excellent.

"Everyone will want to kiss you, kill you or be you." - Effie to Katniss. Also my new life mantra #true #bossbitches

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was brilliant as Plutarch. RIP.

Why does the District 13 head of security look like Future?

If Lana del Rey doesn't cover that little ditty Katniss sings in District 12 (Are you, are you...?), that's a real missed opportunity!

The absence of Lenny Kravitz appearances is felt (by me)

Everything Effie says and does in this movie gives me life. Her turbans. "I'm a political refugee, and I've been confined to a life of jumpsuits." GET YOUR LIFE GIRL

The Capitol made Peeta look like Nick Carter. How dare they!

Liam Hemsworth is so fine. Miley what is wrong with you girl?

There's just so much to think about during and after this movie. It's gonna take several viewings and maybe a re-read of the book to digest it all. I'm sure I'll have more to say after I hit 'post', but I hope you have your tix and have a great time seeing it!



The Seattle Collective Indie Creative Market is Coming - Sun Nov 30

One of the cornerstones of Fresh Jess is highlighting the independents: designers, artists, boutiques, bloggers and other people I think are doing cool things in Seattle and beyond. Small business owners pour their heart and soul (plus a lot of blood, sweat, money and tears) into their businesses, and I always want this to be a platform to share about the ones I genuinely love and support.

My friend Melissa Riddington shares this same spirit. Last year, she hosted the American Express Small Business Pop-Up Shop, and this year she's bringing The Seattle Collective to life.

The Seattle Collective 2014


My Top 5(ish) #Seattle Event Picks, Week of 11/13/14

Here are my top 5(ish) things to do in Seattle this weekend & the coming week!

Featured events:
Runway to Freedom 2014


Fresh Reads: The Daily Love: Growing into Grace

How many newsletters are you currently subscribed to?

Lord knows I've got way too many in my inbox, and no matter how many times I hit that unsubscribe button, even more find their way into my email. They're like weeds!

The one newsletter I've held onto like a dear friend is The Daily Love. Written by Mastin Kipp, TDL is like a daily coffee date with the one friend who tells you everything you need to hear but - for whatever reason - don't want to. I never really saw myself being into the self-help genre, but I've always been into Mastin's raw, unapologetic writing style. While he's very much categorized in that same genre as the people he looks up to (Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, etc.), he's always come across as genuine and honest to me.