Womxn in Seattle: Jen Louie (by Emma Eekhoff)

New York City native Jen Louie has grown up with passions for social justice and celebrating culture. While studying business and information systems at the University of Washington, she felt pulled to continue to be creative in a field where creativity wasn't usually found. She and a classmate, Raphael Gaultier, began a project we now know as Human Condition. Human Condition’s mission is to provide a space to support and uplift new artists in the Seattle area.

The bi-annual magazine has taken a life if its own, now hosting workshops, concerts, and other events where creativity is meant to thrive. Louie’s cheerful and introspective spirit is seen through her own art and writing that she provides in the magazine.


Photo by Aidan Galassetti

What have you been reading?

I love (The New York Times) The Daily, that is my go-to for news

I’ve also been reading Oscar Wilde’s The Critic as Artist.

How do you practice self-care?
I go on a lot of walks, and journaling is something else I love to do.

Who’s your favorite person to cook with? And what would you make?

First, my mom, its an unspoken love language of ours to cook together. We’d probably make some kind of noodle dish.

Second, my boyfriend, we would probably make some pasta dish. We make a lot of damn good pasta together.

What's your favorite thing about New York?

I love how diverse it is - you walk down any street and see so many different people, languages, cultures, and that they meld together in the most beautiful ways.

What have you learned from the artists that you've collaborated through Human Condition?

That there's beauty in intersectionality. Through their art, I’ve been inspired and challenged to see more and embrace more in my own art.

Whats a lesson that you hope older generations could learn from young people?

Something that I hope older generations learn from us is our passion driven mindset. Young people have such a drive to pursue what they love in everyday life.

Look out for Issue 4 of Human Condition early this summer.

Follow Human Condition on instagram and find more of Jen’s work on her website.

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