A Selfie Every Day


One of my 2019 goals is to practice better self-love, working specifically on more positive self-image & self-talk. One of the resolutions I set for myself to make this goal happen is to take a selfie every day. 

Selfies get a bad wrap. I remember reading articles a few years ago about research studies on the vanity of selfies and their effect on self-esteem. Sure, there are a lot of reasons why people turn that camera on themselves and snap a photo. But for me it was the last thing I wanted to do.

I’d gotten to a place where I hated selfies – I think because of grief-induced depression. Why take a picture of a face that was so sad? Every time I’d look at one I could spot a myriad of things wrong with myself. There was always something I thought I should fix. I know better, and yet that’s where my mind would always wander first. 

Taking a selfie every day is a reminder to me that beauty lies in the every day moments. It’s not just a full face of makeup, a fire outfit, and maybe a filter or two. Beauty is there after a long day at work; after a challenging workout; or cuddling with Dougie on the couch. With this resolution I’m reminding myself that the standards of beauty that are rampant on my social feeds aren’t it. My standard of beauty is what I set it to be.

And so here I am. A selfie every day, usually in my PJs in bed with no makeup because I’ve forgotten to take it until right before bed. A small daily challenge to remind myself of the big truth: that I am worthy, that I am beautiful, and to T R U S T in self-love over self-doubt.