An Update on My Weekly Seattle Events Update


“Yo Jess, where’s your events updates at?” - my inbox right now

You may have noticed I’ve taken a little break from posting my weekly events updates. It started with “The holidays have been super busy, I’ll pick back up in January,” and well, we’re almost done with January and they’re still not being written.

My true reason for this hiatus is because I haven’t been that inspired by the events update format for a long time. I was re-invigorated when I did some KING 5 segments last year & 2017, but that enthusiasm slowly fizzled out. It’s a lot of work to pull that weekly post together each week, and I just never found the discipline to automate or delegate it out.

I still very much want to share cool things to do in Seattle, but if I’m keeping it real, most nights all I want to do is come home and hang out with Dougie - maybe read a book or write a little bit. I think all these years of going to events - whether it be for work, professional development, networking, or that blogger/influencer life - have worn me out. Haha! I’ve really come to treasure nights and weekends with little to no agenda, making plans in the moment doing whatever TF we (husbae, Dougie, and I) feel like. I feel a lot of imposter syndrome sharing about events when I don’t go to most of them anymore.

And yet, me going to things isn’t a pre-requisite for being a resource for you. I want to figure out how to share events & things to do in this beautiful and ever-growing city I call home in a way that feels good to me. I’m open to your ideas in the comments or via DM on Instagram. I appreciate you and am always open to your feedback! In the meantime, stay tuned. Or you can always follow me on Instagram, where I am more likely to share things on the fly in my Stories.

I created because I wanted a platform to share about all the fun things I was learning about way back in 2008. That essence has not been lost and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!