Womxn in Seattle: Osiris Navarro (Interviewed by Emma Eekhoff)


If you regularly attend events in the Seattle Area, there is a large chance that you’ve crossed paths with Osiris Navarro’s event work. Navarro is a taskmaster when it comes to event planning and production. Whether it's working with Marcus Lalario’s restaurant group, BadWill Market, or her main hustle, Gola’s Kitchen, a catering service for weddings and other special occasions.

Navarro is also greatly involved in the nonprofit world, with organizations such as FEEST and The Pink Carpet Project.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Rachel Marshall - Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Ellen Murray Bennett - Headly & Bennett

What have you been reading (watching, and listening to) lately?
Reading cookbooks like Kaukasis Cookbook, Cherry Bomb, Smarter, Faster, Better, & Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

What are you looking forward to in 2019?
Looking forward to building my clientele

New recipes, streamlining operations and how I put my events together
Finding ways to cut hours and be more efficient with my work, and find time for creativity.
What’s on your playlist?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Blood Orange, Mac Demarco, and also the soundtrack from To All The Boys I Loved.

What’s your favorite area in Seattle?
Just moved to South Park, so I’ve been loving the South Park/White Center Area and Georgetown. I’ve been discovering a lot of new places to eat and cute store, it still feels like old Seattle in this area, which I love.
Old Seattle was) weird and charming.

What does self care look like in 2019?

Having a more regulated routine. I feel like I cause myself stress and anxiety because I work for myself and so I have a loose schedule. Like one week I’ll have one event, then the next I’ll have like 10 events in 3 days. So I need to reformulate what I’ve been doing; like put on work clothes when I wake up, even if I’m working from home as well as eat on a normal schedule.

Dear Young People, my advice is…
To not be so influenced by media, experience nature more, and put your phone down.

Also to not care what people think. It's a hard generation because comparison is constantly in your face, seeing the lives others, and measuring yourself with your have’s and have-not’s.

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