Womxn in Seattle: Casey Carter


I adore Casey Carter. She’s one of my oldest blogger friends - we were both in D List Magazine’s Young Northwest issue way back in 2011 - and she’s definitely one of the few who are still on her hustle after all these years. She works hard but makes it look so easy, because she truly has a passion for supporting others and hyping them up as only she knows how. I’m really excited to launch my first Womxn in Seattle interview with this inspiring Seattle Pinay. Enjoy!

  1. Tell me about yourself - I’m a Filipino-American Woman born in SF and raised in South Seattle. I love music, events (throwing and attending them), and more importantly, supporting dope people.

  2. You’ve shared your expertise on different platforms, through MissCaseyCarter.com, The Blow Up, The Glow Up Podcast, and more. What inspires you to create and share on these different platforms? I’m one huge element. Everything excites me and pulls me so it’s been best for me to develop different platforms to share my interests and love for certain things separately, whether it be music, entrepreneurship, etc.

  3. What is one of your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur? My biggest challenge has two parts, one is getting people to believe in you and your vision. I’m somewhat of a believer that you shouldn’t care what people think, you should just believe in yourself, but in reality, you need people to believe in you so they can support you, which is what really makes the dream work. It’s also challenging believing in yourself without the confirmation that your crazy idea may work. It gets tough! But I always get through it.

  4. Who are your biggest inspirations? Some of those in my inner circle inspire the hell out of me. Watching my friends successfully pursue their passions fills me up with so much joy. My fiancé is an incredible human who also inspires me every single day. He works an extremely strenuous job, provides for his family, goes after his dreams all while listening to my sh*t! That’s a lot of work! lol Outside of my life? I’d say Angela Yee, Amanda Seales, Angela Rye, Kehlani…I could literally go on and on…These women are badass, continue to push the envelope in multiple avenues, deal with a lot of scrutiny, but still continue to shine!

  5. Have you read anything interesting lately? The Four Agreements is the first book I read in 2019 and it was life-changing. If you haven’t picked it up yet, do yourself a favor and do that!

  6. What’s your favorite thing about Seattle? This may be a funny answer, but I love how clean this city is, lol. Our views too! This city is absolutely stunning. I also love the Pho, Teriyaki and of course our incredibly talented music scene.

  7. What’s on your playlist right now?

    • Podcast Playlist: The Read, Whoreible Decisions, Lip Service, Van Lathan’s The Red Pill & Brilliant Idiots

    • Music: SZA, Kehlani, Twenty88, Cardi B and all that new Ariana Grande!

  8. Dear young hustlers…Treat people with respect and never forget what you’re doing it all for.

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