Mid-January Healthy Habits Check-in!

Happy 14th of January! How are your resolutions coming along so far? 

I mentioned in my last post that I was loosely following the guidelines of the Clean program and Whole30 to plan out my meals. Turns out “loosely” following two programs had me subconsciously doubling up on what I couldn’t have. Ha! I was miserable and learned quickly I actually didn’t want to rely on animal protein that Whole30 allows. Don’t get me wrong - normally I eat chicken, steak, turkey, etc. - but right now, in a mindset of trying to clean up my diet, I found my body craving more plant-based meals. I switched my recipe inspiration mostly to Clean guidelines and vegan. Whenever we detox, cleanse, or just want to eat better, it’s always key to listen to your body to guide you in getting what you need!

I’m trying to instill daily movement into my routine this month. Last year, there was a lot of mental wrassling in my head around how hard I needed to go in order for it to count as a “real” workout. If I couldn’t manage a WOD, a run, or a full hour of power yoga, I would just not work out. There’s a lot going on right now and my schedule is insane, so I am doing my best not to be so hard on myself and just fit in what I can. That means a lot of working out at home, a lot of 20-45min. workouts, and committing to Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Revolution series. I’ve been doing a Yoga Revolution practice almost every day this month, and I can definitely see some improvement already in my postures, breathing, and the way I carry my body throughout the day. Thanks, Adriene! #JustMove

Quick shoutout to the Thrive GoMacro bars that have been giving me life. I took them with us to London and Iceland, and they came in so clutch while we were out and about exploring things all day. Now I like to buy them by the tray (12 bars) and just have them handy if I need a quick snack (which I have been lately!) GoMacro is a family-owned vegan company that was started by a mother-daughter team on their organic farm in Southwest Wisconsin. Their Thrive bars are made up of a superfood ancient grain blend, are all less than 200 calories and provide plant-based protein, essential fatty acids, and prebiotic fiber. I’m partial to the chocolate, nuts, & sea salt bars but they are all delicious!  

One of my favorite ways to help my body get back to its best is to head out to City Sweats in Madison Park for a good lymphatic drainage and infrared sauna wrap. Their sauna services are a great way to get a sweat in if you hate working out, too 😛 Infrared light heats up the body deep into the core, opens pores to release toxins, and stimulates immune system response; detoxifying, cleansing and warming the body to relax, let go, and heal. The lymphatic drainage massage machine stimulates the lymphatic system to push toxin-filled fluid out of the body. In my opinion, the prices of the services are so much more affordable than heading out to a hotel or luxury spa, and it’s a great way to get a few moments to yourself or catch up with a girlfriend! City Sweats is the best. Check out their Ultimate Detox Package 2, which includes a therapeutic massage along with lymphatic drainage and infrared sauna session!

I hope that whatever goals you set for yourself two weeks ago are still close to your heart. I’m working hard to create a healthy relationship with my body and instilling habits that can last all year - and beyond!

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