On Fear - and Showing Up Anyway

Today was my third CrossFit sesh, but my first without my coworker friends, and first time ever being the only girl in class!

In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm starting my fitness journey over. Everything is a new experience again - figuring out a mix of workouts that challenge me; adjusting to the occasional evening or lunchtime workout; finding a new community. My whole routine's shaken up and it's a lot of getting used to.

A giant plus to early morning workouts was not having much time or brain capacity to actually think about the workout until I'm actually doing it. I had all day to obsess and agonize over tonight's WOD, and knowing I'd be with a bunch of strangers made it that much more nerve-wracking. After lunch, it was more and more difficult to concentrate as the dread ate away at me. I can't do a bunch of pull-ups. I can't do a handstand. I can't...

...wait. I can.

Somehow, I swallowed those fears and showed up to class by myself. For the first time ever, I did rope pull-ups, regular pull-ups, wall walk-ups and ran around the block with a sandbag on my back. I saw improvement in my front squat & wasn't as sore from just a week ago. Our instructor and the guys in class were super cool and supportive the entire way. 

Absolutely nothing to worry about once I showed up - and nothing to reap but pride and happy, tired muscles.

There's something to be said about the power of fear in holding us back. There's something even greater about remembering what waits for us on the other side of that fear - which is usually everything we want. I want to be challenged. I want my tone back. I want a community I can be inspired by, who inspire me to do my best too. 

The first CrossFit class was cool, but it's continually getting over that fear to show up time and time again where the fun and the progress truly lies.

Show up & do the work!

SnapChat: JessEstrada206

SnapChat: JessEstrada206

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