Best Big Game Snacks With The Best Ingredients (Presented by Whole Foods Market)

Just like our favorite football teams, the best spread for the big game starts with the best ingredients. I've partnered with my local Whole Foods Market to show you what makes the cut for a fresh game day spread no matter who you're rooting for:

Whole Foods Market Game Day Foods

Nothing artificial - Whole Foods Market has rigorous Quality Standards that prohibit artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. That means everything from chips and dips to brownies and bacon tastes delicious because they're made with the highest-quality ingredients, instead of fake or synthetic additives

  • Winning play: Made-in-house guacamole is fresh, flavorful and free of mystery ingredients. Izze sodas offer a fizzy, sweet drink without artificial sweeteners or colors.

No hydrogenated fats - game day snacking is by no means a fat-free zone, but Whole Foods Market thinks it should be free of artificial trans fats that are linked to increased risk for heart disease. These fake fats can be found by many names and in many game day favorites like microwave popcorn, crackers, cookies, chips, frostings and more. Whole Foods Market banned hydrogenated fats from all food products they carry in 2003, so you can be sure that safer, better choices can be found!

  • Winning play: Garden of Eatin' Blue Corn Tortilla Chips or Beanitos Corn Chips both offer a cleaner crunch for all of your game day dips.
Garden of Eatin Blue Corn Tortillas

No added hormones* and no antibiotics, ever - Just like we prefer our athletes on the field to be free of foreign substances, the meat, poultry and seafood at WFM is raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Plus, all of the beef, pork, rabbit, chicken and turkey in our meat departments 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rated so shoppers can learn exactly how the animal was raised. It all adds up to the highest-quality and best-tasting proteins anywhere.

  • Winning play: Whole Foods Market's prepared foods like its amazing buffalo wings are perfectly snackable and total crowd-pleasers, with wing sauce that gets its bright color only from wholesome, real ingredients.
Buffalo Wings

Fresh and clean - if your lineup includes shrimp cocktail or other farmed seafood favorites, make sure it was raised with the highest standards. Whole Foods Market's Responsibly Farmed standards prohibit pesticide use, antibiotics, added growth hormones, added preservatives, toxic chemicals for cleaning nets, as well as poultry and mammalian products in feed. Know these standards are being met thanks to third-party audits and rigorous traceability requirements from farm to store.

  • Winning play: Responsibly Farmed shrimp or oysters. No need to save these for fancy occasions, both can be found at a great value. Oysters are perfectly bite-sized on the half shell and - fun fact! - they filter and help our coastal ecosystems thrive. Talk about utility player!
Whole Foods Market Responsibly Farmed Shrimp

Thank you Whole Foods Market! Find your closest store here. Have the best game day!

Game Day Spread for Two

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