A Year of SportsFit by Emma Eekhoff

A song on my trainer’s playlist that plays quite often is Rhianna’s “No Place I’d Rather Be”; from my point of view this song describes my feeling for my ‘home’ gym of SportsFit for a few reasons: the community, the circular motivation and the results.

Last month marked my first full year at SportsFit, and I thought it deserved some praise.

The other night I was at the 4pm session at SportsFit and while taking a breather in-between sets, I stopped for a moment to notice the packed gym as a whole; music was blasting and I could feel everyone, at that instant, giving it their all, bracing through the pain of the workout and feeding off of each other’s energy.  

One of the things I love most about SportFit is that everyone there has someone who’s motivating them and helping them finish their workout strong. For most of the adults, they find much amazement in the high school kids that are able to perform the movements almost with ease. As for me, I simply love working out and I also love competing, especially with the guys at the gym who think they can beat me just because I’m a girl, but most of the time I prove their thinking wrong, by passing them on the mile or adding more weight to my barbell. So I guess you could say the friendly competition motivates me.

The transformations that have taken place at SportsFit are nothing short of amazing; a handful of people have lost 100+ pounds. Most people coming to SF hit the ground running; it’s a fast-paced place, but at the same time it’s manageable, you just do what you can do. Everyday is different, some days it’s Olympic Lifts (Cleans, Snatches, Clean and Jerks) and other days its cardio intensive. Everyday it’s a surprise but it’s always worth it at the end of the hour.

SportsFit is more than just a place to workout, it’s a place where everyone can come, feel welcome, talk about their day and also accomplish an intensely wonderful workout with strangers who soon become friends.

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