Poppin' My CrossFit Cherry

I had my first CrossFit class tonight! This is a big deal for many, many reasons. I've been writing about finding my fitness groove again, and it's because the 6:00a.m. group training class that had been my mainstay for three years went on hiatus in December and isn't planning on picking up until March. Since the beginning of this hiatus was right around the holidays, I took advantage of the break to "loosen the reins" and just enjoy life. What I easily forget is how hard it is to get back on the wagon the longer you've been off of it.

I've been experimenting with solo workouts at home and in my various gyms, plus hot yoga, Zumba and running. I've been exploring working out at night instead of the morning. All of this has been fun, but it still felt like something was missing. Something I loved about my old class was the group format and the variety in our workouts. Also, many of the classes I want to take are at 6:30a.m., which throws my morning routine off. 

The only 6:00a.m. class at my gym is CrossFit. I know I'm guaranteed a different, challenging workout every time I go. I know there'll be a group of supportive people there every time I go.

It was a no-brainer. All roads led to CrossFit.

My fiancĂ© has been trying to get me in the CF game for years, but I relied heavily on my old class and didn't want to cough up more scrilla & more time on my calendar. I also love doing a lot of other things, like my job and keeping this little blog going, and cuddling my fiance & my dog. I'll admit that part of me was scared and intimidated by what I knew of CrossFit. Even though we did a lot of moves in my old class, much of it was bodyweight with little to no added weight, and so the risk was fairly low if our form or technique were off. What if smash a weight on my head in CrossFit? What if I can't clear a box jump? What? I'm not doing a handstand pushup! 

Fear is such a possessive bitch.

I still don't know if I can do a handstand pushup, but working through my first CrossFit experience was a big shift in itself. It was what I needed to get out of the funk I felt I was in. It was really an emotional ordeal to lose the community & classes I was used to and have to start over. I've felt really lost; completely distanced from the fitness junkie I used to be and with a complete lack of motivation to start something new.

It was what I needed to get over all the fears and assumptions I had about what CrossFit was like. I've been through it and even came out smiling! I'm excited to build my foundation and grow from here. Now I finally feel like I have all the pieces for a fitness regimen that works for me. Swag is back. Watch out!

p.s. Thank you to Val and Taylor for always talking about CrossFit at work and for being there for my first experience. Special thanks to my fiancé for always nudging me towards it and for cheering me on as always!