Short Summer Hair by RL Salon (+ Seattle Event!)

I actually met Becca Stordahl and Cara Hellings, owner and stylist (respectively) at Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa awhile ago, and now we work out together almost every weekday at 6:00a.m. They say people do business with people they like, and I started going to see Cara for blowouts and as of today, a sweet short cut for the summer! Besides being a ten-minute walk away, I've loved everything about RL Salon.

Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess

Founded in 1976 by salon visionaries John Martin and Robert Salmons, Robert Leonard was the first of its kind to offer salon and spa services under the same roof. Over 30 years later, it remains one of the leading salons in the Downtown Seattle area. RL Salon's experienced hair designers and colorists train continuously to bring the benefits of the newest techniques, products and technologies to its customers.

Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess

Whether you're looking for a whole new look, quick blow-out, expert color, up-dos for a special event or the royal treatment for your bridal party on your big day, Robert Leonard's caring, attentive artists will make sure you walk out the door feeling wonderful. Above and below are two blowouts I got for my birthday and other special events!

Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess

I woke up this morning and said, "I feel like a short messy 'do." Here it is! I'm so happy with my new summer cut!

Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess
Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa - Seattle - Fresh Jess

Oh and if you're looking to restock your army of hair products, might I suggest these for those perfectly tousled waves:

Oribe Apres Beach - Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
Oribe Apres Beach - Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Thanks RL Salon! Find them onlineFacebookTwitter & Instagram.

Disclosure: Products and services provided by RL Salon. Opinions expressed are all mine!

2014 Summer Style Picks w/ Courtney Liu

FJ Summer ’14: What I’m obsessed with for summer!

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Short hair & light tones

– Last year I rocked bold ombré locks (really long locks) and although I enjoyed the black, reddish-brown and blond tones in my hair, I have recently graduated so I thought I needed a change. I decided to opt for a shoulder-length cut and as for the color; I went for a balyage/ombré technique with honey brownish-blonde tones. Now that summer is approaching and the heat is creeping upon us I’m loving the liberty of having short hair!

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Color me pink…and purple…and red

– It’s almost summertime so get ready for the vivid hues for your lips. One of my faves and staples is my “Rouge Shine” from Sephora because if you apply a light coat it creates a faint magenta color for day, however; if you’re going for more of a pop of color at night, you can apply a few more layers and your lips will be a gleaming violet. When I want a vibrant hot pink lip I go for my “Rouge Artist Intense” lipstick by Make Up For Ever. I also recently picked up two lipsticks from the “Kate” line of Rimmel London – a classic red and mauve (inspired by Kylie Jenner).

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Bralettes are the new push-up

– Totally obsessed with the lightweight, lacey undergarment. Not only are they comfortable, but also they’re so cute slash sexy and may be worn to be seen too – for example, under a loose or sheer top.

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Crazy but fun florals

– Be daring and don’t be afraid to wear lots of bright colors in the summer; it’s the time to shine anyways! I recently found a peplum top with a colorful bird-of-paradise floral design and I also have a crop top with a vibrant tropical flower print. I love that both tops have mesh inlays, which could allow the breeze to flow through– awesome for this sizzling season!

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Be bold, with colors

– CHARTREUSE. It’s my favorite color for summer. I own an H&M skirt and an Urban Outfitters top (decorated with French lace) both in this color. I love how bold this color is and paired with subtle colors, it just stands out and can pull an outfit together.

Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014
Fresh Jess Courtney Liu Summer Style 2014

Pretty in powder blue

– One of the trendy colors of the season is powder blue! This pastel color, reminiscent of summer skies, is a soft hue that’s looks very crisp paired with white or black. I recently purchased a crop button-down top in powder blue, with white polka dots.




Courtney Liu is a Hawaii native in the journalism program at the University of Washington. She loves clothes and styling herself and her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations or in the fashion industry.

Find Courtney on Twitter, and view all of her posts here.

A Week in the Life w/TRESemmé 7-Day Keratin Smooth (Sponsored)

I like to squeeze every last drop out of a given day for lots of work and lots of fun. Unfortunately, that usually means not a lot of time in between work, errands and events for lengthy prep and maintenance. For a busy week, I need my hair to be as low-maintenance as possible, while still manageable and easy to style from day to night.

Enter the three-point punch of TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth. The new trio of products acts together as a non-damaging smoothing system that lasts through washes. What does that mean? The revolutionary Thermal Technology is activated by the heat of your flat iron, and helps lock out frizz for up to seven whole days. TRESemmé invited me to try their line during a week packed with places to be. Follow me for a typical week in the life of Fresh Jess!

My hair did indeed feel super smooth after washing with the shampoo and conditioner. A little bit of the 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment serum and some flat ironing, and my sleek shoulder-length bob was ready to go.

I started using the TRESemmé 7-Day Keratin Smooth over the weekend, which is when I usually get some quality Zumba, brunch and coffee date time in with some of my favorite people. This weekend was no different; my boyfriend and I spent a rainy Sunday cozied up at one of Seattle's most incredible cafe/bookstores, Ada's.

It wouldn't be a week in my life without a post-doggy daycare selfie with my bulldog. Spike's always trying to steal a kiss from mom! In this, he's actually trying to get a good sniff of my hair, which was smelling divine even after a couple of days out from washing. Still very little maintenance - just a short flat iron session with the 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment serum to freshen up.

Freelance life means I spend a ton of time in Seattle's various coffee shops. One of my favorites to hold meetings, plow through emails or get a furious writing session in is Storyville Coffee. Their friendliness and hot chocolate is unparalleled!

I spend a fair amount of time in my car or in an Uber during the week, jetting between meetings and events. Used my flat iron on this particular sunny day to play up my bangs a bit!

Last night, I attended the Sosh app's Seattle launch party. It was a Campfire Social theme with a private acoustic session by Seattle's own Allen Stone. I decked out in some plaid, leather and a camo jacket to celebrate the night with friends new and old. My hair got a little fresher too, with some 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment serum plus curling and flat iron action for a fuller 'do.

Thanks TRESemmé!

TRESemmé is a salon-quality line of care & styling products that achieves the right balance between salon style and savvy spending in 2014. TRESemmé will INSPIRE SSS’s with beautiful hair and GUIDE them with stylist how-to’s using our cutting edge products on how to achieve the latest styles…from the CATWALK, the RED CARPET, HOLLYWOOD, and the STREETS of the most stylish cities… making their daily transformations easy, with amazing results every time.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Tresemmé via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tresemmé.

You're Invited! Sassoon Seattle 5th Anniversary (+ Blogger Event Recap)

Sassoon Seattle invited me to host a night at the salon for fellow Seattle bloggers. It was basically like having a girls' night out at the coolest salon in the city! Special thanks to my favorites, Trophy CupcakesSkoah and Sarah Lovrien for being part of the night as well. Check out Sarah's photos from our night, my personal loyalty to Sassoon, and details on their fifth anniversary party next Tuesday below. You'll want to attend the party for some truly amazing giveaways!

Classic Rounded silk shirt c/o Everlane / Zara heels / Topshop 'Joni' high-waisted jean (on sale!) / vintage Dior belt / Nike FuelBand

Edward prepping Alexis for her blowout

Thanks again, Trophy and skoah! Our special treats for the night.

I am admittedly low-maintenance when it comes to my hair routine. My mane is thick and grows exponentially fast. I hate putting tons of product in it, and it's often up in a top bun thanks to workouts and just having it out of my face. Basically, I like it to look amazing without having to actually do too much to it. Impossible? Not at all, thanks to the magic hands and shears at Sassoon Seattle.

Alix getting the skoah makeup treatment

Gluten-free Cherry Jubilee! DIVINE

Hey Kate!

Back when I worked at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, my colleagues and I were invited to come try out our new neighbor, Sassoon. It was the first and remains the only presence the legendary house of hair has in the Pacific Northwest, and I was so impressed by Todd, Sassoon Seattle's former salon director, that I have stayed pretty loyal to the salon in its five years.

skoah makeup

I'll occasionally try other salons out there just to see what it's like - mostly so I can say what I'm about to say in full confidence. Sassoon is the best in the city. Their attention to detail and shape is far and above anything else I've seen in the city. Their stylists are busy not only with loyal followings, but in teaching new and upcoming stylists here in the city as well. They are always down to give back to the community however they can, most recently hosting a Valentine's Day makeover for a local couple. Since I only get my hair cut a handful of times a year, and want to stay low-maintenance at that, I always head back to Sassoon Seattle for a haircut and style with staying power. Their staff is always so warm, friendly and accessible; which is hard to say for a lot of other salons who try to be as hip and stylish as the Sassoon Seattle team seems to exude so effortlessly. 

Hi Darcy!



Top: ChanelSeattle Fashion Blogger / AndreaSkinnyPurse / AlixAlixRose

Middle: KateAll Things Kate / yours truly / AlexisStyleLogical

Bottom: DarcyStyled Seattle / SydneySeattle Boutique Blogspot / IlseThe Ultimate Makeup

I didn't realize I'd cut so much off until others said so! Haha. I'm exploring different styles for this new shoulder-length 'do, and so far am loving both the sleek and tousled looks.

Thanks again to

Sassoon Seattle


Sarah Lovrien


Trophy Cupcakes

, and


for making the night spectacular. Peep even more photos on the

Fresh Jess Facebook page

, and on Sassoon's







Fresh Style: Sky Hi

When I first noticed the Isabel Marant sneaker wedges grace the paws of some of my favorite bloggers, my style antennae perked up. The price tag is way out of my league, but I always told myself that if Nike got into the sneaker wedge game, it'd be on like Donkey Kong. Much to my delight, Nike not only got into the game, they re-upped on my favorite Nike sneaker of all - the Dunk. You don't put almost five years into working at Nike without the brand leaving its imprint on you. You can take the girl outta Nike, but...

Nike Sky Hi Dunks in black / Zara leather jacket (similar) & printed corduroy trousers  / Feel the Piece long-sleeved grey draped tee (similar) / gla.MAR.ous chain headband / various necklaces

"Why Jess, you did your hair all fancy!"

Thanks for noticing! I spent some time on Wendy's Lookbook's YouTube channel this past weekend and just fell in love with this messy French twist. It's very simple and takes just a few minutes to do.

Spice Up Your Hair w/Color Chalk!

Normally, when I get my hair done at Swink Style Bar, I just go for lots of volume and waves. God, I wish I had that big hair all the time! Sigh. This time, however, Swink treated me to something a little special for the Girl Power Hour anniversary party. I tried out their newest service - color chalking with Kevin Murphy's Color Bug!

Color chalking is the latest trend in instant, wash out hair color. Swink uses the Kevin Murphy Color Bug, which comes in pink, purple and orange. The color can be applied in any part of the hair and can be wiped throughout in little pieces for a look as subtle or dramatic as you want. My stylist used a wax pomade in my hair to dampen the areas I wanted to chalk, then wiped on the color until we got a vibrant pink. (The color chalk absorbs the moisture created and settles into the hair.) Once your desired look is achieved, just set it with hairspray. 

Lauren Conrad's a fan!

Oscar de la Renta used it on the runways too.

It is REALLY messy during the application process. Swink will make sure you're covered with a salon robe and towels, but if you're buying the bug and DIYing at home, you'll want to have a towel or cape over clothes and furniture. Swink stylists seal in the color (until you wash it out) so you won't have to worry about it getting on your clothes later. You do not want to apply heat tools to the color - this will, seal the color into your hair for longer than the intended 1 day wearing time. 

Big hair & pink accents!

I loved the subtle pink highlights against my black hair. I chose to only do random chunks of hair, but you can use chalk to achieve a more ombre look too. Color chalking is great for a fun party or night out on the town, or if you're looking to add some permanent color to your hair and want to give it a test run first.

Right now, color chalking is available at Swink downtown and University Village locations. You can add on a color chalking service to any dry style for only $15, and if you want to keep the Color Bug, it's an extra $5.

Also, any UW student can get FREE color chalking with a dry style on any game day or on UW day Nov 2nd. Just show student ID. GO HUSKIES!

Getting Pretty with Gene Juarez Happy Hour

Last week, I was invited by Gene Juarez Salons & Spas to their GJ Happy Hour at the Downtown Seattle location. Gene Juarez designed these happy hours a few years ago as a fun ladies' night concept, with mini-treatments, bubbly, yummy goodies to eat and the like. Each salon location now hosts at least a couple of these happy hours a year. 

This was my first time at one and I'm told the flow of the event has evolved a bit to be a little more flowing (versus being shuffled from station to station) and now includes a fancy Facebook Beautification Project photo shoot at the end! Needless to say, it was fun being worked on by some of the best in the Seattle beauty industry.

My stylist, Leonardo, leads Gene Juarez's Team Artistic, which does the hair for almost every photo shoot and fashion industry event in the city (and more.) Leonardo worked some serious magic on my hair, giving it volume like I've never had before!

I then had the honor of sitting in Tracy Marie's chair for makeup and nails. Tracy is Gene Juarez's Makeup Education Director, a.k.a. the makeup artist that teaches all of the other artists! A seasoned pro in the makeup industry, Tracy didn't just do my makeup and tell me what product she was using. She went into more detail about why she chose the look that she did for me than any other makeup artist I've ever worked with. She went way beyond face shape and skin type, asking me a ton of questions about my lifestyle, my personal style and my attitudes toward makeup. Tracy then created a look with Gene Juarez's Flash Face concept (read: quick & easy) that played with some of the season's hottest colors while keeping the overall effect minimal. Thanks to her, I found out how to best highlight my features, tame my combination skin, and that I should spend more time with cool-toned makeup for pops of color.

I probably spent way more time than usual with Tracy, but I was so inspired by her clear passion for educating others about her passion. So great to have a new friend from this happy hour!

Special thanks to Alyson, recently departed as Gene Juarez's marketing coordinator and fellow blogger at Crushing on Clothes, for inviting me to attend!

She takes the best laughing pictures! I don't look that cute laughing!

I'm ready for my Facebook Beautification Project photos!

The best things about this happy hour were the makeup tips I'm able to use every day now, and the fact that my hair held up for a couple of days after the event! Waves for days!

Thanks Gene Juarez!

To find out about the next Gene Juarez Happy Hour in the Puget Sound region, sign up for their email list at