Fresh Style: Sky Hi

When I first noticed the Isabel Marant sneaker wedges grace the paws of some of my favorite bloggers, my style antennae perked up. The price tag is way out of my league, but I always told myself that if Nike got into the sneaker wedge game, it'd be on like Donkey Kong. Much to my delight, Nike not only got into the game, they re-upped on my favorite Nike sneaker of all - the Dunk. You don't put almost five years into working at Nike without the brand leaving its imprint on you. You can take the girl outta Nike, but...

Nike Sky Hi Dunks in black / Zara leather jacket (similar) & printed corduroy trousers  / Feel the Piece long-sleeved grey draped tee (similar) / gla.MAR.ous chain headband / various necklaces

"Why Jess, you did your hair all fancy!"

Thanks for noticing! I spent some time on Wendy's Lookbook's YouTube channel this past weekend and just fell in love with this messy French twist. It's very simple and takes just a few minutes to do.