Up The Jewelry Game with Rocksbox

I am not good at buying jewelry. I get so overwhelmed at jewelry store counters and my eyes never seem to settle on just one thing. Almost all of my jewelry is either vintage or sentimental; bracelets bought from market vendors on past trips, or pieces gifted to me. With all of the "box of the month" models out there, I looked forward to trying out Rocksbox, the jewelry box you rotate through at your convenience.

How does Rocksbox work, you ask? It's simple, really:

  1. Sign up at Rocksbox.com (use my codes jessbff4 or jessxoxo2!)
  2. Take the style survey
  3. For $19/month, get a new set of jewelry selected by Rocksbox exclusively for you. 
  4. Send the jewelry (or buy what you like and send the rest) back whenever you're ready!

Rocksbox don't play, neither. They don't stock just any run-of-the-mill no-name brands. Oh no. I'm talkin' House of Harlow, Vanessa Mooney, Wanderlust & Co., Gorjana, CC Skye & more. I've only had two Rocksboxes so far, and they are so fresh I'm having a hard time returning them!

Slate spiked necklace & Wanderlust & Co. ring

They even tuck little presents into your Rocksbox from time to time. Here's the necklace I got for the holidays:

So cute, right? These are pieces I would've never picked up on my own, yet they've melted seamlessly into my everyday rotation. I'm looking forward to more icey joy in my Rocksboxes of the future!

Fresh Jess for University Village - Holiday Pinterest Boards

I've been pinning with University Village this holiday season, and I thought I'd share our boards! Now that Christmas is over, you can treat yourself to some of these winter collections, accessories and sparkly things. I'm pinning New Year's Eve style and party ideas this week. Enjoy!

Follow University Village's board A Holiday of Making Magic on Pinterest.

Follow University Village's board Santa Baby I'm on the Nice List on Pinterest.

Follow University Village's board Holiday Bits & Baubles on Pinterest.

Meet Banago Philippine Bags (+ Support Their Kickstarter!)

Last week, this Kickstarter campaign pitch landed in my inbox. Intrigued by the obviously Filipino word 'Banago' (pronounced ba-NAH-go), I clicked the email open and was immediately drawn in by the vibrant color and modern style of what I knew to be traditional Filipino straw bags. Founder Renée Patron graciously took time out of her busy New York Fashion Week schedule last week to hop on the phone with me and satiate more of my curiosity around Banago.

Banago was a flourishing accessories brand whose factory had been leveled during Typhoon Haiyan. Renée began teaching weavers, mostly women, to become self-employed business owners and to work within the safety of their own homes. Before Haiyan, Banago grew to help provide for the livelihood of over 400 artisans, who became leaders in their communities. Renée herself is a veteran of the fashion industry, with experience in everything from design to production to distribution. Her solid reputation helped land Banago's high-quality, high-fashion bags on the shelves and in pages of Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J.Crew, VogueLucky Magazine and more. 

Watch Renée tell the full Banago story here:

It's just too rare to see a Filipino shine in any industry, even as we've found ourselves in virtually every corner of the world. Renée's hard work cemented Banago's place in all of these retailers and magazines, and for that I admire her.

I want to help Renée and her team restore their factory, their homes and their lives that were destroyed by Haiyan, and hope you do too. The Pintados bag is about to be the 'It' bag of the season 'round these parts!

On-the-Go Work Essentials f/ Starbucks® Iced Coffee (Sponsored)

Holy cow y'all. It's hot! We've been on a streak of 80+ degree days in Seattle, and while the sun is shining brightly on us, this city is just not equipped enough with A/C. When I'm not seeking refuge on the water or beach, I'm over here getting used to working in an office part-time again. It's still a culture shock for me, though a welcome one at that. I really love having some structure in my days, and having a place to go to helps me focus while I'm there. Sometimes I'll jet from work to an event or happy hour, so I carry a big Zara bag to tote all my things around & then some. On any given day, there's a pair of shoes and another big bag full of my lunch and snacks for the day, but pictured below are my purse mainstays to stay refreshed & organized in style.

Stay writing: 

I'm a self-professed office supplies queen, and my vices are Post-Its, notebooks and Sharpies. I am forever carrying at least one of these on me at all times, and in my everyday tote, I've got an arsenal. Sharpies in all point sizes, notepads of different colors and notebooks that each serve a different purpose. In this digital age, I have a fear of losing my penmanship, and thus, I stay writing on pen and paper. I've found I retain info much better when I've written it down by hand too. Sorry, organization apps, you ain't got nothin' on the old school

Stay hydrated:

I also carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go, and my bkr is perfect for the office. It's just small enough for me to have to get up every hour or so from my desk to refill it! I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I'm into these Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee drinks for an occasional afternoon treat. Caramel is my favorite!

Stay moisturized:

I'm just as nuts about my lip, face & body moisturizers as I am about my hydration and my office supplies. Gotta have at least five different lip balms, glosses and lipsticks at all times (skoah's Lip Love & smashbox's glosses are my faves at the moment) plus two options each for face & body lotion. I carry a full-size face lotion but I've just run out. I'm crazy, I know.

Stay connected:

It almost goes without saying, but I'm never without my iPhone. I also still carry my blog business cards around, because you never know who you'll meet!

What's in your on-the-go bag?

Leave me a comment below!

Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee beverages are the perfect blend of premium Starbucks coffee and 2 percent milk. Available in four delicious offerings: Coffee + Milk, Low Calorie Coffee + Milk, Vanilla, and Caramel, Starbucks Iced Coffee ready-to-drink beverages are the perfect on-the-go refreshment to get you through the daily commute, big projects such as spring cleaning, or an exciting road trip with friends. Look for it at major grocery and convenience stores, available nationwide.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Starbucks Coffee Company via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Starbucks Coffee Company.

Smiling Bright with Phillips Sonicare PowerUp (Sponsored Post)

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

Everybody wants to look their best all the time, but especially in the summer, right? We're out all day, enjoying the sun and preferably looking and feeling amazing, right? Working out is usually the biggest priority, followed by eating well and staying hydrated. What about that beautiful smile of yours? If your friends and family are anything like mine, you're spending the summer constantly documenting every barbecue, picnic, camping trip, vacation, spontaneous road trip or water excursion via photos and video. Keeping your smile fresh is also key in maintaining good health and appearance.

I'd never had a power toothbrush before, so I was excited when I got the chance to review the new Philips Sonicare PowerUp battery toothbrush. My trusty manual toothbrush became part of my cleaning toolkit for the house - for scrubbing the grout between tiles and such - and the Sonicare PowerUp took its place on my bathroom counter.


Hey there, new friend!

I've been using the Sonicare PowerUp for just about two weeks now, and I've definitely seen a big improvement over my old toothbrush. The sensation definitely took some getting used to the first time around, but my teeth and gums felt SO much cleaner after just that first go 'round - and has obviously improved worlds overall since. 


Getting ready to use my Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush for the first time!

What was most refreshing, however, was that the PowerUp delivered on what it promises ("more brush strokes (expected over my manual one)" "improved gum health," etc.) but isn't a huge hit on your wallet. While there are great, expensive options out there, the PowerUp gives you Sonicare high quality for under $20. Such a steal if you ask me! I was never hooked enough to spend cheese on a powered toothbrush before, so that's why I stuck with manual toothbrushes for so long (Philips probably could've cast me in their "Odyssey of the Manual Toothbrusher" short vid LOL) The Sonicare PowerUp's affordable price point should definitely appeal to those on a budget.


Smiling bright on a sunny Lake Union boat ride!

Catch my smile along with a few of my fellow Social Fabric® Community members over on Instagram and Pinterest! Just look for the #PowerUpUrSmile hashtag.

How are you staying fresh and healthy this summer?

Fresh Style: Cherry Bomb

When the sun is out in Seattle, we do not take it for granted. It almost feels as if the entire city's mood is lifted when the clouds part! I took the opportunity to take some outfit shots during one of said sunny days last week. The anticipation of spring is creeping up on me, and was the inspiration behind this outfit.

This is basically what I look like when I'm out meeting with clients or working out of their offices. I'm a big fan of light, sheer shirts of all flowy shapes and patterns. I've always wanted a pair of waxed jeans, and what better color than in the perfect shade of cherry red. Simple but fresh! I'm accessorized with an amazing pair of sunnies I found at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg, vintage heels and Europe's George, Gina & Lucy (GG&L)'s Felicitas satchel.  I can fit everything in that bag, including my tablet or laptop! 

There's a little music video for you at the end of this post, which this post is titled after. Enjoy a little Hawaiian music for your Thursday!

Cropped 3/4 trench (old, similar here) /  Quiksilver Women sheer printed topBig Star 'Scarlette Wax' jean, and George, Gina & Lucy (GG&L) 'Felicitas' satchel c/o Bollare / vintage heels / sunnies from Beacon's Closet / Stella & Dot 'Love & Light' bracelet

Share the Love with Fresh Jess & Blue Nile (Giveaway!)

Fresh Jess and Blue Nile are Sharing the Love this Valentine's Day!

Starting today, you can Share the Love with a special Valentine’s Day message to your friends via Blue Nile's Facebook page and receive a $10 off coupon for you and your friend for your next Blue Nile purchases. You’ll also be entered to win a Pink Morganite & Diamond Ring, as seen on Blake Lively on Gossip Girl (ARV $1750)

Sweet, right? We're not done! I've got a pair of sterling silver Leaf Chandelier Earrings to give away also! To win these:

1) Tell me what you love in a comment below

2) Tweet me! Tweet to @JessEstrada

I will draw a winner on

Friday, February 15th at 5:00p.m. PDT.

Good luck!

A Few of My Favorite Things - Holiday 2012

Are you holiday gift guide-d out yet? I hope not! In case you are, I decided to make this a simple list of some of my favorite things that have added some extra sweetness to my life lately. You can use this as a resource for your holiday gift shopping, or just as a chance to meet some amazing independent or eco-friendly designers and products!

I'm loving what Hana has done with Craft & Culture this year. Hana carefully selects indie designers to showcase their wares on C&C. For shoppers like me, it's a handy site to read up on up & coming designers while choosing gifts that are limited or one-of-a-kind. There are a lot of Seattle designers featured on the site too! CraftAndCulture.com

These Harman London room diffusers ($32.99) have been filling my home with the most wonderful aromas this fall & winter. Based in Olympia, WA, Harman London specializes in eco-friendly skin care, candles as well as these lovely diffusers. HarmanLondon.com

Ladies, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect lip products! I am madly in love with Seattle-based Kari Gran Skincare's Lip Whips ($15.) I had the opportunity to meet the lovely ladies behind Kari Gran this summer in their Lake Union studio where all of their products are made with love, care and special attention to ingredients that are as good for your skin & body as they are for the earth.  KariGran.com

I'm so sad that Melvita has closed in Pacific Place. I went in for a facial earlier this year and absolutely adore their skincare line. Melvita sets the beauty bar for organic and sustainable products, fine-tuning most of their products in their home base in France. Do you see a trend here? I'm on a slow but steady path to being as eco-friendly as I can possibly be. Melvita.com

"Last night a Boostcase saved my life!"  No really, Boostcase has come in so clutch when I'm out all day in meetings, with clients then at events. I bought this hybrid case + battery pack ($79.95) from Nordstrom before New York Fashion Week in September, because I knew I'd be running around all day with very limited access to outlets. I came thisclose to getting a Mophie until I saw other fashion bloggers talking about their Boostcases. Once I took a look at the different colors and styles available, I was sold. Boostcase comes in a variety of colors and charges your iPhone back to full life, and only takes a couple of hours to recharge itself. Boostcase.com

Detox cleanses freak me out. I think it's weird to not consume anything except for a weird powdered mix of things that may or may not be healthy for you. I did decide to give Kaeng Raeng a whirl because of its all-natural, vegan & gluten-free nature. You can eat raw fruits and veggies during the program too. I did the beginner 3-day course ($62.99), and definitely felt more energy while less bloated. Also, it tasted great to me, which is another risk factor in powdered mixes of any kind. If you're looking for a good start to refreshing your body after the holidays, this is an option! KaengRaeng.com

I've been living in this J Project  scarf since I got it earlier this fall. I adore the fabulous Jaime Marie, founder of J Project too. Find her and the other mobile fashion trucks at the Fremont Market in Seattle. Find these scarves and the rest of Jaime's handmade creations online at JProjectClothing.com.

If you need help with finding a specific gift for a loved one, feel free to tweet me or shoot me an email at info@freshjess.com.

I'd love to help you!

Fresh Style: Glamour Girl at G5

I had so much fun on the Fashion Panel at Girl Power Hour's G5 party last week I forgot to take photos! Here are the few that I took. Special thanks to Blue Nile for keeping a lady adorned with beautiful jewels for the night!

Got my face and hair done! More on the hair in a later post.

My beautiful city from the 74th floor of the Columbia Tower Club


With my girl Jen Joyce aka Uber Seattle

Enjoying champagne with the Girl Power Hour G5 Fashion Panel and founder Darnell Sue! Some amazing ladies here. Photography by Teresa Potter of www.1StopWeddingSpot.com

Fresh Style: NYC Outfit Diary

I had such a fun week in New York for Lucky FABB, the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference & Fashion's Night Out last week! I'm catching up on real life and will crank out these NYC posts as quickly as I can. I took in the sights of the Big Apple, so I've got some posts coming about boutiques, markets and restaurants I enjoyed there. First off, the outfits:

Though I didn't attend any shows this season, I stopped by the tents for an obligatory photo after a blogger lunch one day. Trina Turk for Banana Republic top (similar BR top here)/ Vintage mandala print high-waist shorts from Everybody's Buying Vintage (similar here) / TopShop velvet studded flats / Vintage sunnies / J Project  wrap bracelet

My IFBcon outfit! Vintage orange hi-low tuxedo blazer from Kippy Ding Ding / Reconstructed vintage sheer print top from Moksha / Forever 21 faux leather shorts / Nine West strappy heels (similar here)

The perfect maxi for a low-key night out on the town. IntiMint black maxi dress & Flirt Catalog aqua skinny belt w/gold plate c/o Bollare / Dolce Vita t-strap leopard sandals / gold jewelry via Lucky FABB  

My Lucky FABB outfit: Yellow tiered tank w/lace back from Moksha / Forever 21 leopard print pants (similar here) / Julian Louie for Aldo wedges

After traipsing the streets of Manhattan & Brooklyn all day, I decided to keep it super casual for Fashion's Night Out. Quiksilver Women tank (similar here) / High-waisted harem pants from Moksha / Triangle necklace from Strut (Portland)

Sunday brunch in Williamsburg followed by Brooklyn Flea browsing & MoMA Quiksilver Women tank / Forever 21 necklace / Vintage Levi's cutoff shorts

Leopard flats & floral top for shopping with fellow bloggers in SoHo!

Floral print tee from Moksha / BCBG high-waisted leather shorts from Sell Your Sole / Dolce Vita leopard oxfords

Fresh Style: Blue Nile at the Nordstrom Designer Preview

Blue Nile's been so kind as to let me take this beautiful new necklace out on the town, and it's been a part of my outfit almost every day for the past two weeks. The Chalcedony & Aquamarine necklace was one of two major pieces shaping my outfit for Nordstrom's Designer Preview, held last week at Pier 91 in Seattle and benefiting the Seattle Art Museum.

The cushion-shaped chalcedony gemstone is bezel-set in gold vermeil with faceted aquamarine  gemstones along the chain.

You'll see the other piece shaping my outfit in a bit :)

Nordstrom and the Seattle Art Museum have partnered to put on the Designer Preview for many years, and have consistently sold out the venue, packing it full of SAM supporters, Nordstrom shoppers and other fashion & art enthusiasts. This year's Designer Preview proceeds will benefit SAM's upcoming exhibit, Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Elles will open in October through January 13th, 2013. The exhibit will feature all women artists, with the iconic Frida Kahlo and more artist works on display.

Here are a few of my iPhone shots from the Designer Preview party, boutique and pre-runway. Check in tomorrow when I'll post my favorite runway looks from the show!

Such a stylish crowd!

A perfect Seattle day. View from Pier 91.

With my gorgeous friends Patrick of Golazo & Jane of Seattleite

Amazing looks from Alaia and Valentino in the entryway to the show

The crowd anxiously awaiting the start of the show!

Post-show runway! Blue Nile Chalcedony & Aquamarine necklace & white agate vermeil drop earrings, LA Made double v-neck tee, vintage cross-body bag & heels, Forever 21 high-waisted trousers (similar here)

When summer finally arrives in Seattle, it's truly unmatched!

Thank you Nordstrom & Blue Nile! Runway faves tomorrow.

Fresh Style: A gla.MAR.ous Night Out

The sweethearts at gla.MAR.ous sent me the Meadow chain headband from their new Pink Label collection, and I decided to take it out for a night out on the city!

gla.MAR.ous is a fun, playful, exhilarating fashion line created by designer Mary Beirne.  I met Mary and her dear friend Nubia at IFB con in 2011 and we've kept in touch ever since. 

Mary gets her inspiration anywhere from classic movies to the pinup and bohemian eras. She also patented the gla.MAR.ous zipper headband in 2009, which can be worn in at least 7 different ways & are comfortable (i.e. prevents headaches!)

gla.MAR.ous is made for the chic, versatile girl, that not only turns heads but breaks necks while she's at it. As Mary puts it, "No one covers classy - fierce - fresh like us!" I'm down with that!

My Meadow headband came the same day as another sweet gift. Sneak preview here, and style post coming soon! :)

AlixRose and I drove out to Tacoma to celebrate our girl Nicole's birthday. This picture doesn't do justice to the birthday girl's dress & tan. She looked radiant!

Afterwards, we headed back to Seattle to dance the night away at Trashed, the monthly electro party at Baltic Room. This month's Trashed featured two of my favorite DJs, Four Color Zack & Tigerbeat

This is Brian Oh, a regular feature on Fresh Jess & official photographer for Trashed.

The Meadow stuck with me all night long with no problems. It was easy to adjust but didn't fall off my head, even with wearing it on sleek, long hair. I love the chain style, too. It fits perfectly with almost everything in my closet right now, so you'll probably see this a lot this summer. 

You can find gla.MAR.ous and the Meadow headband ($26) onlineTwitter, and Facebook. Thanks ladies!

Fresh Style: Snapshots

For someone who gets pegged as a fashion blogger a lot, I sure don't do many of my own style posts on here. I was not one of the ones blessed with a photography background or a photog boyfriend :), plus I hate taking outfit pictures. Anywho, here are some of the pieces and things that have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe lately. Seattle doesn't seem to know what to do with itself weather-wise, so the last couple of months have been all about layers and toting around both sunglasses and an umbrella. Increment weather conditions indeed!

Got my hair done at Swink Style Bar for my birthday dinner & dancing!

In God We Trust sunglasses (funky similar ones here) / Marc Jacobs necklace / old leather jacket (similar)

Watching my friend Sara's boutique SPUN Sustainable Collective in layered bursts of color. This orange tank was our swag from the Lucky FABB opening cocktail party at Kelly Wearstler's boutique!

H&M denim shirt / Kelly Wearstler distressed neon tank / scarf from Moksha / old snakeskin print leggings (coated denim version here) / Topshop studded flats

What can I say? I love Alive & Well. They don't even sell women's gear. I've been living in this hoodie every time it's cold.

Waiting our turn for brunch at Pete's Egg Nest in Greenwood. I have also been living in this maxi dress and military jacket!

MinkPink printed maxi dress (similar) / Roxy military jacket / black/speckled gold TOMS / vintage crossbody bag

detail of the Roxy military jacket

AlixRose and I hung out on the Google campus in Fremont prepping for our DIY Hangout on Air earlier this month.

Uniqlo windbreaker / Sincerely Jules' Dream-Believe-Achieve tee / printed denim from Moksha / Zara platform booties

 Alix actually gave me this tee for my birthday. It's designed by one of our favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules! I love the positivity oozing from this tee.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Fresh Style: Umbrella Love

The weather in Seattle lately has been downright miserable. Blustery winds, pouring rain mixed with sheets of snow, and milliseconds of sunshine leave me wanting to just bundle up in my sweats and a blanket at home.

There's a stereotype that "real" Seattleites don't carry umbrellas - but I walk to work and I'd prefer not to be drenched and windblown when I get there! 

Here are some pretty parasols I found to bring a small ray of light into our grey days:

Bella Umbrella Pagoda ($129) (magenta here)

Yellow Bubble Umbrella ($18) (black here, dotted here, similar here)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Umbrella ($58) (more Marc Jacobs here and here)

Printed Sky Umbrella ($38) (similar here)

ModCloth Polka Dot Umbrella ($24.99) (more fun prints here)

Tray6 Floral Print Umbrella ($29.99) (more florals here and here)

Short Little Sailor

Sometimes you just wanna wear shorts to work. I'm the marketing director at an agency, so the dress code isn't as strict as most places. Still, I think there's something to be said about professionalism and being taken seriously. When I wanted to wear a pair of shorts to the office, I paired it with a vintage blazer, gold jewelry and my favorite booties for a breezy but not too casual look.

These photos were taken at SPUN Sustainable Collective.

Sara thought I looked like a sailor! Thanks

Vintage Brooks Brothers blazer

L.A. Made double vneck tee

Khaki shorts gifted by my sister

Deena & Ozzy tan booties

Layered necklaces

Leopard belt

Vintage bracelets

Thanks Anisa for taking these pics!

Wedding Guest Steez

Summer means weddings every weekend! Choosing the perfect outfit for attending a wedding is always a careful, mindful choice to make. You want to look fancy, comfortable and stylish all while not upstaging the bride on her big day. The formula of knee-length dress and dependable heels always works for me.

La Rousse green & black heart-shaped corset dress

Steven black peep-toe heels

Sustalux vintage bag

In God We Trust necklace

Vintage bracelets from Sustalux & Urban Xchange

Bulldog ring from Moksha

I keep it light on the makeup in the summer time too: bronzer, neutral eyes & rosy lips:

Happy Birthday, Moksha!

Sometimes you meet people and you just want them to succeed. You have seen many of my inspirations covered here on Fresh Jess, and one of those I'm most supportive of especially. Moksha Clothing on the Ave in the University District has held it down for nine years, celebrating their anniversary last weekend. It's difficult for many small businesses to survive a couple of years, yet Moksha has stood strong throughout a recession and more.

I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the Moksha team (Elvia, Aleph et. al.) support me - keeping me stylish from my days as a brokeass college student to my life now. It has been a pleasure growing up with you, Moksha. To many more!

Shop Moksha now through Friday, July 22 and enjoy 30% off most everything in the store.

RSVP on Facebook

Here are some of my favorite outfits from Moksha over the last couple of years:

Dress & earrings from Moksha - HollyHood

Skirt from Moksha - SXSW

Dress & earrings from Moksha - illin on the Hill

Dress from Moksha - SAM Remix

Our event together in 2009!

Happy birthday Moksha! Love you!

Follow Moksha on TwitterBlogger and Facebook

Seattle Weather Mood Swings

Seattle weather is absolutely, ridiculously bi-polar. Exhibit A: This particular day started out beautifully sunny and warm. So I work out, run my errands then make my way over to the BadWill monthly flea market at HG Lodge. I shop through fun booths with my friends, pick up some sweet vintage finds & say hi to my favorite boutique, Moksha:

Then I enjoy an afternoon treat at (new to Seattle) YogurtLand, one of my current obsessions:

H&M neon orange tee

f21 high-waisted striped shorts (gifted from  Clutch 22)

Vintage necklace (Sustalux)

Full-finger ring (Nasty Gal)

Jeweled ring (gifted from AnisaLeyla)

Diamond drop earrings (Moksha)

With my lifetime obsession:


By the time I leave YogurtLand, it's finna downpour! Thank goodness for this sweet $5 find from Midnight Mart Vintage at said BadWill Market:

Raincoat (Midnight Mart Vintage)

Grey TOMS shoes

Vintage shoulder bag (Sustalux)

So I end up walking home looking like a confused beach bunny trapped in a rainstorm.