Seattle Weather Mood Swings

Seattle weather is absolutely, ridiculously bi-polar. Exhibit A: This particular day started out beautifully sunny and warm. So I work out, run my errands then make my way over to the BadWill monthly flea market at HG Lodge. I shop through fun booths with my friends, pick up some sweet vintage finds & say hi to my favorite boutique, Moksha:

Then I enjoy an afternoon treat at (new to Seattle) YogurtLand, one of my current obsessions:

H&M neon orange tee

f21 high-waisted striped shorts (gifted from  Clutch 22)

Vintage necklace (Sustalux)

Full-finger ring (Nasty Gal)

Jeweled ring (gifted from AnisaLeyla)

Diamond drop earrings (Moksha)

With my lifetime obsession:


By the time I leave YogurtLand, it's finna downpour! Thank goodness for this sweet $5 find from Midnight Mart Vintage at said BadWill Market:

Raincoat (Midnight Mart Vintage)

Grey TOMS shoes

Vintage shoulder bag (Sustalux)

So I end up walking home looking like a confused beach bunny trapped in a rainstorm.