Up The Jewelry Game with Rocksbox

I am not good at buying jewelry. I get so overwhelmed at jewelry store counters and my eyes never seem to settle on just one thing. Almost all of my jewelry is either vintage or sentimental; bracelets bought from market vendors on past trips, or pieces gifted to me. With all of the "box of the month" models out there, I looked forward to trying out Rocksbox, the jewelry box you rotate through at your convenience.

How does Rocksbox work, you ask? It's simple, really:

  1. Sign up at Rocksbox.com (use my codes jessbff4 or jessxoxo2!)
  2. Take the style survey
  3. For $19/month, get a new set of jewelry selected by Rocksbox exclusively for you. 
  4. Send the jewelry (or buy what you like and send the rest) back whenever you're ready!

Rocksbox don't play, neither. They don't stock just any run-of-the-mill no-name brands. Oh no. I'm talkin' House of Harlow, Vanessa Mooney, Wanderlust & Co., Gorjana, CC Skye & more. I've only had two Rocksboxes so far, and they are so fresh I'm having a hard time returning them!

Slate spiked necklace & Wanderlust & Co. ring

They even tuck little presents into your Rocksbox from time to time. Here's the necklace I got for the holidays:

So cute, right? These are pieces I would've never picked up on my own, yet they've melted seamlessly into my everyday rotation. I'm looking forward to more icey joy in my Rocksboxes of the future!