Resolution Challenge 2014: End of the Road

We've reached the finish line of the 2014 Resolution Challenge!


I can't believe it's been six weeks already - and does my life look vastly different from six weeks ago. In many ways, the Resolution Challenge was exactly as I'd hoped. In ALL ways, it was exactly what I needed. My strength, tone, endurance and energy have greatly improved. I'm working out 5-6x/week, mostly in the mornings. I definitely feel like the adrenaline has made my days a lot more productive; I'm still amazed by how much I get done before lunchtime when I've got a 6:00a.m. workout. I will never not be surprised that I voluntarily wake up at 5:30a.m. to work out! "And I love it." (Young Jeezy voice)

Hella selfies! Left: the before, 1/5/14 // Right: the afters, 2/9 & 2/11

('Flawless' gif via Tumblr)

I haven't taken my 'after' fitness test and measurements, but I can safely assume that all of my test counts will be up and measurements down. More than anything else, I came into the Resolution Challenge focused on improving my fitness - and reconnecting with my love for it. In that sense, I'm proud of what I've accomplished in the last six weeks. I hear things like "You're the one I keep up with in class"; "You look awesome!"; "You inspire me to work out as hard as you do." or "You can teach these!" - and am so humbled that those voices belong to other people, not just in my head! I go hard and I play to win - but I'm only in competition with my own last workout. I want to do the best I can and hopefully better that last workout with my next session.

*Insert bicep emoji here* Photo credit Sarah Lovrien

Food and nutrition-wise, I did fine, but feel like I've got so much to learn and improve upon. On this side of the Challenge, I followed the Superfood Diet and found my love for green smoothies and such again - I even learned how to make my own kombucha! (blog post on that coming soon.) I just didn't have the enthusiasm I did last year in getting excited about eating healthy. Maybe it's because it'd become a part of my life already? Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I just let excuses like travel, busy days and 'special' occasions lead the way to bad meals. I 'slipped up' more than I did last year, but I'm also more acclimated to tuning into my body than I was last year. Every single time I had something with gluten, dairy, what have you - I'd feel like caca afterwards. Every single time. I know what's good for me, and need to continue building my willpower up so that good wins more often.

"Don't sacrifice what you want most for what you want in the moment."

I mean, I'm tryna Glow full-time again & the road to that is lined with kale! (among other greens)

The Resolution Challenge is just the beginning - for first-timers, a fresh start. For those who are already veterans like myself, the perfect way to get re-acclimated with health and fitness after the holidays. Just because we aren't officially on the "Challenge" anymore doesn't mean we won't keep pushing past barriers. Barriers in the form of temptation, at our jobs, at events, or even at the dinner table with family. Barriers we set for ourselves when we get lazy or busy. Barriers in the (ignorant, condescending and sometimes hurtful) words of acquaintances, friends and even loved ones who don't understand how serious the commitment is that you've made to your mind and body.

Like really bro, does it matter how much money I spend at Whole Foods? You don't see me asking how much you spent on all that GMO crap you just bought at your supermarket! I digress. Anyway. 

Unforeseen barriers like injuries, life changes and emergencies. Or the biggest barrier of all: FEAR. I am doing so much shh in the gym and kitchen I never would've imagined I could do two years ago.

Big Climb up 69 flights of stairs? GET AT ME DAWG. Sleeping early with no care of what 'friends' might think of me? YUP. Jenn's taught us how to do rounds of tabata and how to make chia seed pudding, but what she's taught me about my own abilities is immense. I truly feel like I can do anything. Maybe not well, especially at first, but if I'm into it, I'm willing to give it a shot. If I fall off, I get back up and try again or keep going. Failing's hard to do if you keep building, giving your most and doing your best.

Last one. Promise.

Looking forward to taking the momentum we've built here with the Resolution Challenge and running with it. Who knows how much we'll accomplish this year and beyon(ce)? The sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning.