Show Up!

I write about "showing up" every year, usually right after I've read Bill Gates Sr.'s Showing Up for Life.

Here's last year's, which is so good I almost just sent around the link to it instead of writing this! I haven't read the book yet in the 2014, but the concept came up in so many ways in my life just this week I couldn't resist writing about it again. Simply put, when we 'show up', we move towards success. 'Success' is purposefully ambiguous in this sense - it means and looks different to everyone and in different situations. Showing up seems like such a simple, almost novel thing that should naturally be instilled in our lives - and yet it's the very thing that sets apart the hustlers from the pack. 

We pay a lot of lip service to the things we want to do in life: Get fit. Eat healthier. Travel the world. Not be afraid of handling our finances. Blog regularly. Now think about what most of us are actually doing with the majority of our time. Working, right? If you're anything like me (the self-proclaimed captain of Team Naptime), sleeping takes up its righteous chunk out of your day too. When we're working and sleeping all the time, it's easy to forget to show up for the things that truly make us come alive. They're the projects that get put on the backburner 'for when you're not as busy; the friends and family you'll call eventually; the run you'll go on when it's not raining. You feel me? 

Image via Lifehack

I've blogged A LOT about my transition to a healthier lifestyle. I'm over a year into it and it still isn't smooth sailing. Nothing that's worth it ever is, right? No matter how long it's been since I worked out or had a smoothie, I still show up. You think I like getting up at 5:30a.m. every morning for a workout? That voice inside my head that's clawing for excuses to stay in bed is so seductive, but I love the feelings that come from completing that workout I'm getting up for even more. Having the rest of my day to everything else in my life. The adrenaline that powers me through my morning. The fact I'm up and about so early. I'll show up for all that. 

Sometimes I'll hear the phrase, "How've you been? Looks like you're everywhere at once!" when I see someone I haven't seen in awhile. Man, how I wish that was really the case. I still do my best to only commit to events, blog post coverage and things that I truly can show up for. If I can't come to the event or don't have the time to write a blog post that does your product/service/event justice, I won't commit to it. It's not really showing up if you're half-assing or doing it sloppy. The ability to say 'no' is a skill I'm always sharpening, but in doing so, I know that I'm always putting quality stuff up here on Fresh Jess, and I also know that I'm not overexerting myself. 

Show up to support the friends, causes and brands you care about - but also show up for yourself and make sure you're taking the time to slow down, reflect and take care of yourself. I'll leave you with a couple of things. First, a highlight reel featuring Ultimate Fighting Championship's marquee lady fighter, Ronda Rousey. She's been the face of a new leaf the UFC's turned over (allowing women to fight), and I so admire her hard work and determination. Ronda shows up. Looking forward to seeing her fight tonight!

Do yourself 100 and show up for a healthy bod and lifestyle!