Resolution Challenge 2014: Mental Warfare

I have a hard enough time quieting the mind as it is, but apparently on a detox it likes to kick it up a notch or three. They say we are our own biggest critic - on a detox, we are also our own antagonists.

The first couple of days, there are real physical symptoms where your body's saying "Yo what is this? Are we detoxing or something?" I had nausea and headaches, others get fever, etc. Once your body gets over the initial hump of not having its vice (sugar/caffeine/negativity), you think it's smooth sailing through the rest of the detox. Oh no. That's where your mind takes the reins of personal torture. 

It's instilling cabin fever (as described in my last post.) It's trying to convince you the detox is too much work. It's coaxing you out of your workout, because you think you're too tired. It's manipulating your senses into telling you a cheeseburger sounds like a good idea right now. Or pizza. Or a cupcake. When is the last time you even had a cupcake? Doesn't matter. You can't have it, so the mind wants it.

Torture, I tell ya. That mental warfare is made a trillion times worse by social media. Why do I only see the food tweets and Instagrams? What is that restaurant my friend is eating at, that sounds good! Oh you could really go for a glass of wine after this tough day you've had? ME TOO BRO.

These are the kinds of thoughts that try to dominate my brain during this fine Resolution ChallengeTry to being the operative term here. I've been through this before, and I know your tricks, mind. This is where summoning your inner strength, your will to persist is so important. Set your intention, then remember it in every weak moment. Meditate on it. Stretch & quiet the mind. Call upon your community. The phrase "taking it one day at a time" has never had such a meaningful purpose. Over halfway there!