Getting That Glow with Skoah (+ Seattle Discount!)

Being healthy extends to all aspects of my life. I am constantly working to improve, to challenge myself in everything I do. I'm the only one in my lane, and so I'm the only one in my way!

I'd never had a facial until about three years ago. I've always been pretty low-maintenance as far as my skin goes. Maintain a good diet, work out regularly, drink hella water, don't wear a ton of makeup, wash your face every day and exfoliate a couple of times a week. Easy peasy, right? When I went in for that facial, I realized there were a lot of things I wasn't including my at-home process. I then focused on incorporating more into my skin routine - preferably with as much all-natural, paraben-free products as possible - but as anyone who's been to Sephora or the skincare aisle at a drugstore, the possibilities are endless and often confusing if you're going at it alone.

Fast forward to now; I had the opportunity to check out Canada's Skoah spa in their new Capitol Hill location. I love their mission of "personal training for your skin" - looking at your skincare regimen as a consistent routine, with coaching sessions (facials) to help you along your journey to beautiful skin. They ask a lot of questions about your everyday routine, your lifestyle and other products you use, then show you how Skoah can compliment what you've already got going on. I can't complain about the muscle massages either - they're usually much-needed!

I'm excited to be a Skoah LITE member for the year, and would love to extend an offer for you of a sweet discount! Treat yo'self to a facial at more than half off at one of their Seattle locations with this coupon below (good til March 31, 2014!):

Got these sweet travel treats for my first membership visit, along with my favorite Face Skotion. Peep some of my other favorite products underneath the photo:

Kleansing Lotion / Glow Tonik / AHA Mask / HydraDew Mask / Skin Quench Serum / Face Skotion 30 / Skin Juice body lotion / Eye Kream

Holla if you have any questions about Skoah!