Stratejoy's Holiday Council & the Resolution Challenge are Back!

About this time last year, I decided to sign up for two holiday workshops that would essentially transform the year to come. I can't believe it's already time to say this, but Resolution Challenge and Stratejoy's Holiday Council are back!

For 21 days in December, Molly Mahar of Stratejoy will take you on an awareness journey. One that helps you take a good look at the past year and set you up for greatness in 2014.  The Holiday Council creates time and space for you to connect to your own wisdom. No judgement, just support and celebration. No bullshit, just a bevy of other like-minded women. No gurus, just a leader who’s been walking women through this process for 4 magical years (and loving every minute of it).

The Resolution Challenge is a six-week fitness + nutrition adventure that'll get you off on the right foot for the new year. A detox, superfood diet reset and method intensive workouts will lead you to your healthiest self yet.

Going through the Holiday Council last year set me up with a mindset that helped me really work through some serious goals this year. Instead of setting 'resolutions' that fall apart as soon as you wake up from your New Year's Eve partying, we set a theme for the year that set the perspective with which to approach all of our goals. Mine was "Be Responsible." From there, I set goals to take a good stab at paying off my debt (this year I paid off my car and a good portion of my student loan!) and to reach a certain weight loss goal in the healthiest way possible.

Peep my vision board & more from my 2013 Holiday Council journey.

That led me to sign up for Resolution Challenge. Those six weeks at the beginning of the year led to the most transformative year of my life, fitness and health-wise. I've lost fifteen pounds total since the holidays last year (the heaviest I'd ever been), am way more knowledgable about making healthy choices (read: superfood, safely and naturally grown organic foods) and have kept to the most consistent fitness regimen I've ever committed to (along with trying new and different workouts along the way!)

I can't speak to these two workshops enough, and I will absolutely talk your ear off if you need more convincing to join them. The structure and community format of each of these group workshops was critically essential and exactly what I needed to get my head in the right place.

Head to Stratejoy's Holiday Council for options at $49, $79 & $99.

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