Fall Style Guide with Courtney Liu

Seattle has seemed to skip over the crisp air that fall typically brings and jumped straight to the bone-chilling wintery weather—even though it’s still October…

This means one thing: breaking out the down jackets, boots, woven hats and knitted sweaters. In the past, I know I’ve been one to complain about how it’s impossible to look cute while still trying to maintain body warmth but after living in Seattle for nearly three years, I’m here to show you several ways to play it smart in cold yet still be stylish!

Turban Outfitted – Pair a turban with a black leather jacket like for an edgier look this season. The color of the turban model, Katy, is wearing is perfect for fall and was purchased from Urban Outfitters. It serves the same purpose of a beanie – keeping that head warm – but in a uniquely fashionable way.

Turban Outfitted
Turban Outfitted

No more North Face? – People in Seattle are known rock the North Face jackets to beat the rain but let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to look cute if you have to cover up your outfit with a black rain jacket. Take a look at stores like Ross or T.J. Maxx for designer jackets at really low prices! The Kenneth Cole rain jacket Katy is wearing, will surely keep you dry and I purchased it at Ross so you know that it didn’t break the bank!

Side note: Since rain jackets aren’t worn for warmth, pair your rain shielder with a knitted printed sweater underneath, to add pizzazz to your look.


Leopard Grunge – When is it really the right time to bring out the animal prints? This season, keep warm in an animal-printed (leopard, zebra or giraffe prints all work) jacket. Be bold and match your favorite animal print – mine is obvi leopard—with a colored jean and combat boots! Try a raspberry or plummy-colored jean since both shades are popular for fall.

Side note: If an animal-printed jacket is a little too much on the “wild” side for your taste, go for an animal-printed accessory such as the leopard beanie, which I’m pictured wearing (it’s from Free People) with a neutral-colored sweater and a chartreuse over-the-shoulder purse for that pop of color.

Faux Fur, Duh! – When you think of fur you probably think bougie, huh? But who says it has to be? I purchased this H&M faux fur vest for $12 at Crossroads…what a deal! You could either pair a faux fur vest with a long sleeved dress or as shown on Katy, with a simple knitted sweater and leggings. You’ll be sure to stay snug in this simple yet trendy get-up.

(Girly) Military Mayhem – There’s two looks if you enjoy the military look. You could go more literal with a camo jacket or you could go for the subtle military look with an olive green jacket and leather accents.

Camo jacket: Pair your camouflage-printed jacket with a ripped jean and a colored hat (see how raspberry color appears again in the beanie!). Since camo is usually a combination of neutral colors, it’s nice to throw a bright color into the ensemble. Side note: It’s cool to mix prints these days! Don’t be afraid to wear your camo jacket over a printed sweater like the one on Katy, which is tie-dyed. Olive green jacket with leather accents: Similarly when wearing this jacket, because the color is very neutral, try adding a colored hat (in this case, Katy is pictured wearing an ox blood-colored beanie). Also to keep with the rough look, wear a pair of black booties with buckles.

Cozy Chic – After a long day at work or school you just want to curl up in bed with a good book but instead of throwing on some sweatpants and a big T-shirt like you may usually do, try putting on a soft, pastel sweater; leggings and bright, fuzzy socks!


Courtney Liu is a Hawaii native in the journalism program at the University of Washington. She loves clothes and styling herself and her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations or in the fashion industry.

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