Game Day Fitness Challenge w/KaisaFit! (+Interview)

Happy Super Beyonce - I mean Super Bowl - Sunday! 

Have I got a treat for you on this big game day. While you might know her as one of your favorite fitness Instagram follows, to me Kaisa Keranen of KaisaFit is also a fellow Niketown Seattle alumni and all-around super sweet gyal. I'm definitely a fan of her quick Instagram tutorials in which she makes bodyweight & other exercises look way easier than they actually are. I've wanted to interview her for a long time, and what better day to do that - and more - on Super Bowl Sunday? Read her interview, and check out some ways you can get some fitness in all throughout the big game. No couch potatoes here!

You've been an athlete forever! Tell us about your fitness history.

I've definitely been involved in some type of sport since I was super little. I've gone through phases though, I started my athletic career as a toddler when I won my first pair of Nikes during a crawling race at Nordstrom :) From there I did gymnastics, swimming, ballet, soccer and ended up doing track and field at the University of Washington. I've never been completely in love with one sport in particular, I just love to move and challenge myself physically. The only sport you won't catch me playing is basketball because I can not put the ball in the hoop for the life of me!


How did you find your calling as a fitness coach?

After graduating from college I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do career wise. A friend asked me to run a boot camp for her and her colleagues and I reluctantly said yes. It took about 2 minutes in to the first boot camp for me to realize that this is what I was supposed to be doing. I absolutely LOVED everything coaching and the rest is history!

You've found a lot of success through Instagram. How has that changed your life?

Instagram has completely changed my life! It's pretty crazy how big social media is these days :) It's allowed me some insane opportunities and I am just super grateful for everything that has come my way :)

What are your favorite sports to do when you're not doing training routines?

My favorite sport to play is definitely soccer but I just recently broke my leg in a soccer game so I unfortunately have to stay away from it for a while :/ I thinking about trying something new, maybe tennis or a triathlon, we'll see!

Even in a cast she's probably putting in more work than you

Even in a cast she's probably putting in more work than you

What are some of your non-sports hobbies?

That's a good question.... Most of my day is consumed with work and working out so there's not a lot of time for other hobbies at the moment. I will say though that I am a pretty intense scrap booker when I have the time or someones birthday is coming up :)

Do you have any good music on repeat lately?

I literally listen to one playlist on repeat so the answer to that is YES! I am an old school R&B girl so my playlist consists of Donell Jones, Anthony Hamilton, Boyz II Men, Maxwell, D'Angelo and a few more but you get the idea :) (FJ: I love this!)

Who are some of your heroes & why?

My hero is definitely my mom. I look up to her in every way and aspire to be her one day :) She is my biggest supporter and is truly the reason I am out reaching for my dreams every single day. I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

I think 2016 is going to be a really special year. I turned 30 a few days ago and I'm really excited about it. I am surrounded and supported by great family and friends, I feel comfortable and confident in myself and am extremely passionate about my career. What more could I ask for?

Thanks Kaisa! Make sure to follow her inspiring Instagram and on Facebook as well. See below for your Super Bowl Sunday workout!

Super Bowl Challenge!

1. First down = 10 lunges switches

2. Every kicked ball = 10 reverse lunges up to kick

3. Junk food commercial = 10 star jumps

4. Turn over = 10 push ups

5. Touch down = 10 burpees

6. Car commercial = plank hold for the entire commercial

7. Time out = 10 squat/squat jumps