Thank You Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch must have been as bored as the rest of us were with the Super Bowl, because right before the game ended, he announced his retirement in the only way BeastMode could've and should've:

Marshawn Lynch retirement tweet

I swear to God this season has been a grand lesson in learning how to take shitty news as gracefully as possible. "Always look for the silver lining," as they say.  So while I've wiped away a few tears and felt my heart break for a Seahawk for about the 238459th time this year, I understand.

Marshawn Lynch retirement stats

Marshawn turned a team around, carried it on his back, caused earthquakes, gave a city its swag and never once wavered from who he is, despite the media's constant pressure to do or say otherwise. Now he's able to walk away from the game that he loves with a good conscience, his body (fairly) intact, his coins saved, and live his life however the fuck he wants to.

We love you so much Marshawn. Thank you for everything.