Why Stylish in Seattle? An Interview with Sydney Mintle

I started blogging when Twitter was just gaining momentum. It was there that I found my network of bloggers, who were mostly writing about fashion. In the years following, I would go on to attend fashion blogger conferences in New York, L.A., Portland and Austin to meet some of my fellow blogging sistas in real life while learning from some of the top bloggers, brands, and tool providers in the industry. Fashion blogger conferences have taken on a sort of second life, evolving from big, splashy events in fashion capitals to smaller, localized ones. We had yet to have one in Seattle - until now.

Stylish in Seattle

Stylish in Seattle, a half-day fashion summit featuring brands and catering to local bloggers, is coming Saturday, March 19th to the Coterie Worklounge in downtown Seattle. I asked Sydney Mintle, fashion PR goddess, ultimate blogging community connector who is co-hosting Stylish in Seattle with Alix Hernandez, to share some insight on the creative vision for Stylish in Seattle's March event and beyond. Enjoy!


How did you decide to create Stylish in Seattle?

As style bloggers, we spend so much time at events attempting to connect but really just scratching the surface of what we really want to talk about. The truth is, the relationship between fashion bloggers and the fashion community is complex. We look forward to exploring that further at the summit. Stylish in Seattle is a day for style bloggers in the city to connect offline, get to know each other and discuss business-savvy strategies for long-term blogging success. 

Is this something you envision happening again, whether it's annually or smaller events in different form? 

The spring summit is almost sold out and there has been a lot of expressed interest for a full-day version in the fall. Our focus right now is to execute a flawless event in March and leave the door open for possibilities to unfold from there. In between the larger summits, we plan to address specific blogging-related questions in smaller workshops. 

What's your vision for the future?

Our vision for the future is that fashion bloggers can work cohesively with fashion brands and collaborate on campaigns that resonate with readers. We want to see those partnerships be mutually beneficial and help bloggers fill in the blanks when it comes to business insight and strategy. 

What are you most looking forward to at the event?

I'm looking forward to getting everyone in the same room. We often see each other in passing at events or via social media. Offline connection is crucial to the vitality of the Seattle style blogging community. We're really excited to hold that space for bloggers. It's going to be a really good time! 


Thanks, Sydney! Get all the details and register for Stylish in Seattle here.