Last Call! 2015 Resolution Challenge (+My Experience)

Hi! Hope you had a lovely holiday. I've been busy getting settled into my new job, frantically getting all the holiday to-dos checked off, finishing up my theme and goal-setting, enjoying lots of family time and celebrating the birth of my beautiful nephew! It's been a hell of a month to cap off one hell of a year. I've definitely had my share of holiday celebrating (read: eating) and am ready for the 2015 Resolution Challenge!

Guess what? There's a few spots left, and they're only $20.15 through today!

This will be my third Resolution Challenge. I never wrote a recap about this summer's Intensive, but here's my before and after:

It's as simple as this: I get out of it what I put into it.

I am not perfect, but every time I've worked hard, things work out like they should. I push myself and see results. I show up. I contribute. I step away when things get busy, overwhelming or when I'm just in a funk so the community doesn't become a distraction, but remains a positive resource.

I used to think resolutions were frivolous promises we'd try to make ourselves as the new year approached. That when the holiday daze wore off and real life set back in, it was just normal life to let our resolutions fall to the wayside. Ever since my first Resolution Challenge two years ago, my perspective's completely changed and I've taken the momentum from the Challenge with me throughout the rest of the year. I've been on an upward trajectory since!

I hope you'll take the Resolution Challenge with us! More info:

The 5th Annual Resolution Challenge starts January 1st and runs through Valentine’s Day. This year’s program is better than ever, with a NEW 21-day detox experience and digital e-book that will guide you through, day by day! Again: The Resolution Challenge is 100% online, so you can do it from anywhere!

This year’s program includes:

-6 weeks of nutrition + fitness coaching

-Daily video workouts, designed for home use

-6 weeks of meal planning, recipes and shopping lists

-21-day detox that we’ll conquer as a group

-Weekly webinars

-Community + Support