My Vision Board & Theme for 2015

Wow. This year just flew on by. I'm looking at the number of posts I've written this year & I'm on track to have the second lowest since starting Fresh Jess. I know a number's just a number, and I'm proud of all that I've written this year - but I had so much more in the pipeline that I just didn't find the time to do. 

That's been my biggest struggle. Where does blogging fit into my schedule now that I've got this new job? Working out, eating right and savoring time offline are also priorities, so where does that leave Fresh Jess?

More than anything, I know I will continue blogging. This is my haven for sharing me; my life, things that inspire me, people and puppies I'm inspired by. And so here I am, fresh off the 2014 Stratejoy Holiday Council with my theme set and vision board assembled ever so carefully. I still have some goal-setting to work through, but all in all I feel really good heading into 2015 with a clear idea of what I want to do, and a map for how to do it all - including blogging!

This year's theme is 'simplify.' The struggle for 'balance' is nothing new, but this year I experienced a tipping point of sorts on my relationship with social media. I love spending time online and have made so, so many invaluable connections because of it. So many fun & witty people! So many enlightening and hilarious things to look at! So many apps!

It's also taken a toll on my life in many ways, and this year I had several moments of wanting to step away from it all. I couldn't ever do that completely given it's what I do for work, but I've committed at least this next year towards unlearning and re-learning how to live a digital native's life outside of the digital realm.

From the ways in which I organize my life to the intention I put in being present in the moment, 2015 is about simplifying my life. It's about not multi-tasking. It's about getting proper sleep and hydration. It's about savoring the moments cuddling my bulldog or my new nephew.

There'll be a lot of lessons to learn, and I'll be blogging my experiences through it all. I hope you're into it!

This year's vision board is heavy on women and words. Strong women. Affirmations and declarations. DVF, Marion, Kate, Solange, Nicki, J.Lo, Cara, Kristen and Victoria. They're recognizable, and they've shaped their lives (and the public's opinion about them) very much according to the woman each of them wants to be. Re-defining all that's feminine, sexy, powerful and impactful in their own way. I get in my own way far too often, and having this board in my closet to look at every day will remind me to simplify; to stay focused on leaving my own footprint in this world.

I'll be looking at this vision board every day; thinking of my theme every day; and revisiting my goal progress regularly. 

Have you set a theme, goals or resolutions for 2015? Let me know in a comment!

Cheers to your best year yet!

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