Resolution Challenge 2014: Self. Ish.

Good morning! We're in our last week of the Resolution Challenge, and while we're still at work on our superfood diets and workouts, the focus lately has been around self-care. Any time we make a change in our lives, our bodies and minds need proper time to process what's going on. When we think of 'changes', we're quick to think of the most obvious ones - new job, new home, new relationship. But 'little' changes affect us too, and as they say, it's those little tweaks that lead to more impactful changes in our lives. I've worked out more and eaten more greens in the last six weeks than I had in the couple of months beforehand, and though this lifestyle isn't new to me, it's still taking some getting used to. It's in these times of transition that we need to pay extra attention to how our body and minds are. 

Self-care is that good ol' 'me time', and looks different for everyone at any given time. It's whatever we need to do to slow down for a bit; to get lost in the beauty of our own silence and breath. For some it's meditation. Others, yoga. Booking spa time for a facial or massage. Coolin' out in our favorite jammies. For me, it's often diving into a good reading or writing session. Our challenge to carve out some self-care in our weekends has been a valuable lesson for me - that self-care is as essential in our every day as taking a shower and getting to bed at a decent hour!

Image via The Healing Room's Facebook page

It's crazy to me how self-care is so underutilized by so many, yet can reap so many benefits so quickly. It doesn't have to be a grandiose affair where you take a whole day off from your life. Five minutes to stretch, write, meditate or listen to your favorite song is all it takes to turn your whole day up. And yes, I can attest that even five minutes can make a huge difference. More often than not, it's all the time you have to give in your day. 

So as we are challenged to make self-care a priority in this last phase of the Resolution Challenge, so I challenge myself (and you!) to make it more present in your own life. Let me know what your favorite ways to take care of yourself are in the comments. Happy Tuesday!