Resolution Challenge 2014: Keeping Momentum

It's our last full day of the Resolution Challenge detox! Hallelujah. This detox was just what I needed to set me off in the right direction for the year. I'm well-reacquainted with quinoa, chia seeds, kombucha and all the greens you could ever want to chew on. On the fitness tip, my strength and endurance are improving every day. I am never going to slack off like I did during the holidays, ever again! I'm feeling awesome and have a lot of momentum heading into Phase II and the rest of the Challenge.

I remember transitioning off the detox last year, and how I worried about continuing all that healthy eating I'd just done. Some of the gals in our community have that same worry this year, and I want to tell them all not to worry at all. Just because our focus shifts from food to fitness, doesn't mean we're liable to fall off. In fact, it's the complete opposite! We laid the foundation (the detox), and now we're building off of it. 

Image via Whitney English

I learned quickly that the key to sustaining momentum is to plan ahead as much as possible. Meal planning, scheduling workouts and rest days (also very important) into your calendar. Then making all of that a priority. Making workouts & proper meals as non-negotiable in your day as brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Even when things don't play out the way you planned, doing your best to make sure they get done anyway.

I am SO EXCITED (like Pointer Sisters excited, not Jessie Spano crazy overexcited) for Phase II and the rest of the Challenge. Thanks for sticking with me during the Challenge so far!