My Favorite 2013 Moments

Happy last day of 2013! I'm finally feeling a lot better after catching that bug, and wanted to post this before we ring in the new year. In the past, I took to the blog to reflect on my favorite songs, books, posts, etc. It is really real when they say material things don't mean so much when you get older, because when I looked through my year of photos and posts, it was the experiences I wanted to reflect on most.  I hope my mama is reading this, because I was that materialistic child/teen and she wouldn't believe how far I've come if she didn't read this herself. I love you mama!

I hate lists and countdowns. Who am I to tell you what the top whatever of whatever is anyway? They're very self-serving. So instead of calling this "top moments of 2013" - here are some of my most favorite experiences. This is also very self-serving, but just indulge me today. These are the experiences that make me so truly proud; that made me say, "Holy shit, is this really me right now?" and the people who made them that much more special. Being sick lately had me feeling down on the year, but when I look at these photos, I can't deny 2013 was an amazing one. Looking forward to the adventures 2014 has in store for me!

I kicked off the year with the Resolution Challenge, and on the second day of my detox, decided on a last-minute road trip to Portland with my best. She had pizza and Pine State Biscuits; I had water and chia seed pudding.

It was worth it though, as it kicked off a year towards a healthier lifestyle that fits me. Paula's doing the 2014 Resolution Challenge this time :)

I always have such a blast in New York, eating, shopping and drinking my way through the city. This time I navigated the transition to a superfood diet while traveling!

That time I was included in the CRAVE Seattle guide along with a city full of badass lady entrepreneurs. So humbled and grateful for Melody!

That time I got to interview the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Paula convinced me to take my first Zumba class in February, and I've been hooked ever since. It really makes the Glow Girl life a party!

I am obsessed with Gyptian. So much so that Paula and I went to Gambian Independence Day at 88 Keys so we could see him live. One of my favorite shows ever!

Did The Big Climb with my family for the first time. That was hard. I'm doing the timed challenge in 2014!

If you have not experienced Major Lazer live, I highly recommend doing so. ML & Gyptian pretty much dominated my Spotify playlists (until Beyonce's album came out)

That time Gilt City had me as their Seattle insider, and everyone & they mom found me in their inboxes for a couple of weeks. So weird!

That time Sarah Lovrien and I flexed our collective creative and editorial visions and she took some amazing photos of me for my 30th birthday.

Celebrating 30 with some of the flyest ladies in the entire world.

Even got a birthday mixtape!

That time I ran my first 5k, The Color Run!

I loved Dru Hill when I was a teenager. When they came to Neumos you know we had to roll out!

May wouldn't have been complete without an epic Vegas trip with the lady Aces.

That time Jacob won another MMA bout! Fighter wifey life is no easy task.

This is our favorite photo of Spike, out paddleboarding on Paula's brother Patrick's board. He looks like he can take over the world :)

That time I got to interview Jason Wu!

I had so much fun with Sarah Lovrien, we got together in the summer to take some more shots on Alki. Summertime fly!

That time I met Simon Doonan, and we discovered a shared love for crazy flower prints. He asked me if I'd be offended if he called me a 'blogger' and not a 'writer.' I'm not. I consider myself both.

That time Create + Cultivate came to Portland, and I spent the day with amazing women like Jaclyn of No Subject L.A.Jeanine of Range and Emma of Wildfang.

That time I was an official blogger for WWDMAGIC! Probably among my top experiences as a blogger thus far.

I came home from Vegas and promptly went into a 2-week candida detox. One of the toughest things I've ever done, but I came out looking like I never had before. And it felt amazing!

I live in Seattle, but most of the bloggers I follow and adore live in L.A. So I was stoked to be included in this roundup of 25 women in business for Racked L.A.!

Seeing yourself in print is always weird. This was for 425 Magazine:

Sara and I met some of the Shahs of Sunset in the fall. It was an interesting night :)

That time I modeled for Goodwill in their Glitter Gala runway show. We rocked pieces that sold at the Glitter Sale the following weekend, and were styled by the creatives over at Salon Circa. Goodwill raised a record amount of funds for its job training and education programs this Gala!

That time Microsoft invited me to co-host the Microsoft Surface 2 midnight launch in Bellevue Square. Richard Sherman was there! U Mad Bro?

December was a whirlwind of traveling, family and holiday fun. Thankful to get some sun and werk in at Runyon in L.A. while my bf and I were down there.