Just Do It: My Theme & Vision Boards for 2014

Hope you've had a happy holiday season! I had a very Merry Christmas, then was promptly taken down by the sick bug a couple of days later. Being in bed all day is driving me nuts, although I did watch our beloved Seahawks clinch the NFC West and home field advantage for the playoffs; tons of reading (I cleared out all the articles I saved in my Twitter favorites and Pocket!); and of course, writing in my journal. I can't sit still, even when I'm sick.

I finished Stratejoy's 2013 Holiday Council workshop, which has been incredibly helpful for me in framing my goals for the upcoming year (this was my second year doing it.) Instead of just writing down a list of resolutions I may or may not (who am I kidding - probably not) stick to, Molly has us determine a theme for our year. We think about all the things we want to be, and our goals are designed from there. WITH ACTION PLANS! I still have to work on my action plans for my goals, but I've settled on a theme and created vision boards I'm happy to stand behind.

So what's my theme for 2014? I wasn't going for anything too lofty - this year, for example, my theme was "Be responsible." That was simple enough for me to carry as a mantra throughout everything I took on this year. For 2014, the theme "Just do it" stood out to me above the rest of my ideas. Not just because of my forever love for Nike, but because I need to remind myself of this simple phrase constantly.

I am always piling way too much on my plate. My way of dealing with doing too much is to over-organize. I try to put everything on my to-do list, even when I know it shouldn't go on there (or it's already done and I just want to cross it off. Haha!) It's a coping mechanism that leads to an unnecessarily long list of shit I have to do, and when I look at it, I don't want to do any of it. So here we are. Just do it Jess. Be present in the moment, and act on it. Don't overthink, don't leave it for later when you "have more time to stew on it" (I am always saying that to myself), and especially don't delay any more on the things you want the most. It's not fancy, but it's exactly what I need to help me do all that I need to realize my dreams.

Whenever I make a vision board, I like to do it the old-school, offline way with old magazines, a pair of scissors and glue sticks. This is the third year I've done one (peep my 2013 and 2012 boards), and every year it amazes me how much the images/feelings/goals portrayed on my boards manifest themselves in my life that same year. I do one for my life/goals, and one for personal style. Both boards go up in my closet, so when I'm in there every morning, they're in my face as a daily reminder of what's most important to me. This year, my life board's got a lot of encouraging phrases and badass, entrepreneurial women juxtaposed with boho, ethereal vibes. Beyonce and my "Just do it" theme are front & center because duh - and I had to include a laughing, dancing Jennifer Lawrence in there too. 

I was super humbled to be a part of Seattle Met's Style Resolutions roundup for 2014 alongside some of the city's flyest & most stylish. My resolution was "...to focus on pieces that make me come alive. Vintage, statement, embellished, updated basics, whatever – as long as it lights my fire." This was the inspiration behind this year's style board. Bonus points if you can spot the Nike FuelBand! :)

2014 will be an interesting year, as I'm heading into it in the midst of total transition in all aspects of my life. I welcome it with an open mind, open heart, and some serious fire.

Do you have any resolutions, themes, vision boards or other ways you like to kick off the new year? Would love to see them! Happy new year to you!