Resolution Challenge: On Falling Off the Wagon

So that beautiful weekend cabin trip I had last weekend? While I had a wonderful time disconnected from the digital world, I also may have disconnected a bit from my Resolution Challenge. NOOOO!!!

I've been so good. I have been following the Challenge to a tee. I stuck like glue to the detox approved foods list and most of the recipes, have done the workouts, sat across from bf, friends and clients as they chowed down on huge, delicious meals at restaurants, and worked out of more than a few Starbucks with a bottle of water over my normal nonfat chai latte. I even prepped food that I brought with me to the cabin. Though I had most of it, I also ended up partaking in family dinner and breakfast. We're talking taco soup, sausage, bacon, french toast - the works.

I was so guilt-ridden as I drowned my sorrows in a green smoothie on Sunday afternoon. What have I done? All that work down the drain. I mean, the meals were delicious. I didn't get physically sick like I thought I would, but the mental beating I was giving myself was enough.

After an afternoon of that, though, I decided the most important thing to do was to pick up and keep going. Yes, I had a meal or two against my diet. That was in the past now and I've still got over a month left of the Resolution Challenge. Like a runner tripping over a hurdle, I just have to keep on and finish the race. I can't hang up my towel up over one weekend relapse. My willpower needs some more work, I get it. I need to get right back onto my diet regiment and work extra hard on our daily workouts.

I know I'm not perfect, but I need to own this and keep persisting. That's what it's all about right?