On Going Offline & Recharging

Last weekend, bf and I joined his family for a night up at their cabin a couple of hours outside of Seattle near Crystal Mountain. Close enough to civilization, but far enough out of range of phone or internet service. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I "disconnected" like that, and to my surprise, it was more of a welcome sense of relaxation than a panicked anxiety that washed over me.

I've seen friends unplug while away on vacation or as a routine part of their week or month. As a blogger and social media consultant, that notion always felt unnecessary or impossible - until I actually did it.

Last weekend I realized I need more disconnection in my life!

Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge
Fresh Jess Cabin Recharge

Social media has brought countless fascinating people in my life. Being in the game for over four years, I've seen Twitter and Facebook take off in popularity and "newcomers" Instagram and Pinterest grow huge communities of their own. With growth comes a lot of...noise. I still love social media as an information resource and to keep up with my family and friends, but there is a LOT of complaining, ranting, veiled condescendence, sometimes mean-spirited ignorance and just general negativity to sift through as well. It's easy to get caught up in absolute nonsense and other things that have nothing to do with me, and inversely, that much harder to stay focused on my task at hand or my goals.

Our night at the cabin reminded what it's like to truly be in the moment, from watching movies, taking walks through nature and playing board games. Being in the moment is one of the most fleeting, difficult things to master when you spend a lot of time in the digital space. With my 2013 theme "Be Responsible," being present in my physical space is one thing I'm spending a lot of time working on. I know I need to do this to focus better, be a better listener and to quiet the chaos fighting for attention in my mind. Finding that sweet balance between a blogger's life online and a girl's need to be offline is very high on my list of priorities!

Oh yes. Spike came too!