Resolution Challenge: Detox Done, Phase 3 Ready!

The Resolution Challenge Detox is DONE!

We have been detoxing for ten days now, and boy has it been a ride. I've never committed to a health and fitness goal like this before, and the process was a serious lesson in persistence, willpower and strength. Some days were fine (like the day I made this video), and yet other days, all I wanted was food I couldn't have. I didn't want the food I could have, and I definitely didn't feel like cooking. But for as many times as I wanted to have a cheeseburger or some phad thai, I never reached the point where I put in the motions to get the food. It's all in my head.

Guess what? For all of that persistence (in misery), I've lost six pounds, a couple of inches off my waist and several millimeters around my legs and arms, and I can fit into clothes I haven't worn in FOREVER. Holy cow, this hard work paid off!

Image pulled from    Pinterest

Image pulled from Pinterest

I saw this quote somewhere recently: "Achieving goals is addicting once you set and achieve that first one." Though I've got a couple more pounds to go to hit my resolution goal of ten, I've got that motivation and fire in me to keep this up. We're entering Phase III of the Resolution Challenge where we switch our focus to our workouts and superfood diets, but now the variety of things I can eat is much wider. For me, this phase is all about learning how to fuel my body with food while incorporating a superfood diet into my everyday life. The challenges aren't over, but I've got the signs of progress on my side and that's got me looking forward to tackling the rest of this Resolution Challenge!