Fresh Style: 2012 Recap

I worked hard to infuse more personal style posts into Fresh Jess this year. While I'll never consider myself a pro photographer, stylist or model, their tricks & tools of the trade are now part of mine too. My understanding of: cameras, proper lighting, signature posing, "my good side," and especially my style has expanded greatly this year.

When I met Stacy London on her Westfield Style Tour this summer, one thing she said really stuck out to me:

"I think that fashion and style can sometimes be written off as superficial, and that's one of the most dangerous things we can do. Style is an emotional investment and we can learn a lot about ourselves from it."

While some think fashion isn't a thing in Seattle, it is always nice to see people who put care, time and thought into how they present themselves for specific events and everyday situations. I believe that style can be a determining factor in the way that you feel and think. I've always told myself I am not a bonafide fashion blogger, but I know you wonderful readers come here for my perspective on style and fashion. Maybe it's time to stop rejecting that part of me! 

Maybe it's because I know I don't dress like a conventional PNW girl. My style inspirations come from my culture, and I am interested in all kinds of people, places, things and experiences.  I am also severely realistic about my shopping. I shop a lot, but I am always looking for the best bang for my buck - my ROI, or WPC (wear per cost) if you will. Designer names and trends are great to be aware of, but don't phase my overall style very much. Quality, character and comfort over all other factors. More than anything, I don't like to look like everyone else.

These are ten of my favorite style posts from the past year from a perspective of seeing the evolution of both my personal style throughout the season, as well as my focused efforts to be a better style blogger. I have a long way to go, but I'm having a blast on the journey. That's what it's all about, right?