The Freshest Posts of 2012

I looked at my Freshest Posts of 2011 for inspiration on today's post and took a wonderful trip down memory lane of cherished times I had with friends, family and blogging. This year's Freshest Posts were all about you. These are the ten most popular (in some cases, kinds of) posts that have kept readers coming back again and again. It's a very interesting grab bag of style, Seattle, events, trips & advice. All in all, these posts are a representation of what I hope to share with you. These are somewhat in order of popularity, with some insight into what motivated me to write that post, or posts like it.

If there's anything you'd like me to write more about in 2013, please leave me a comment or email me at jess(at) I'd love to hear from you!

1) Katniss in the Woods

Y'all love you some Katniss! This is now the most-trafficked post of all-time. I originally wrote it as a fun way to mix fashion with my obsession with Hunger Games at the time. Around Halloween, this post took off as people began searching for the perfect costume. I'm eagerly anticipating the production & release of Catching Fire, the second movie in the franchise. You can expect more HG-related posts when that time comes!

2) Seattle Welcomes Alive & Well

One of the pillars of Fresh Jess is celebrating the beautiful city of Seattle and supporting its local businesses. When premium streetwear boutique Alive & Well opened on Capitol Hill, owner Marcus Lalario invited me in for a sneak peek of the almost-finished store. Before A&W launched its online shop, people came here to read up a bit on the store. Readers were also big fans of the launch of City Target in downtown Seattle, Glass Distillery, and Evolution Fresh.

3) Fresh Style: Macy's Holiday & Old Navy Rockstar

I can't thank you enough for all of your support in a couple of fun partnerships this year! I feel like I've just started to dip my toes in the waters of outfit posts, and I'm grateful you enjoy them too. I'll absolutely be doing more of this in 2013.

4) Nordstrom Love: Cosmetics Trend Show & Designer Preview

Seattle is incredibly fortunate to be home to so many major retailers and brands; Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, Costco and R.E.I. just to name a few. Nordstrom in particular has moved the needle forward in forging fashion, tech and social media together. They're unrivaled in customer service, and have wasted no time in embracing the digital era as a way to connect with, help and build relationships with their customers. They were kind enough to invite me to various events throughout the year. The spring Trend Show and Designer Preview were just two of your favorites!

5) Fresh Jess the Freelancer

When I reference "major life changes this year," this post is all about what I really mean. Owning a business is a truly courageous, risky thing. With the right resources, networks and calculated steps, it can also be one of the most exhilarating moves you ever make. In this post, I didn't know where I was going, but I undoubtedly knew this was the path I wanted to take.

6) Thrift Shopping Tips

This year I served as one of Value Village's Fashion Ambassadors. This lit the fire under my growing love for thrift shopping. I eagerly ventured to every Value Village in the Puget Sound region to explore and hunt for new (to me) closet treasures. In this post, I offer up some of the tips that keep me sane and focused while thrift shopping. I hope these may be helpful to you, and maybe even inspire you to head to your local thrift store for the first time!

7) Lucky FABB West

I had the pleasure of attending Lucky Magazine's Fashion & Beauty Blogger (FABB)'s first West Coast conference in April. If you've ever gone to a conference, most likely it's been for work and it's not full of fashion, big-name speakers and located right on the beach in Santa Monica. Lucky FABB West was the first conference where I honestly absorbed every second, every talking point, every connection, and every beautiful outfit I could. Lucky FABB happened right after my birthday and my going freelance, so it was the perfect time for me to go with no strings attached. I 100% focused on being present in the moment, for my blog and for my newfound freelance life.

8) So You Want to Start Blogging?

This is the kind of post I want to do a LOT more of in 2013 and beyond. I sometimes will read this blog again and think "Holy cow, I forgot I should be doing that." The tips are great reminders for anyone who's blogged before, and I wrote it as advice for anyone who's interested in starting a blog of their own.

9) Lovely in Lush Clothing

This was the first of my now-regular Lookbook Love series, highlighting lookbooks and current collections of designers, retailers and artists who appeal to my senses. Lush Clothing is a favorite of mine, as is L.A. blogger Sincerely Jules, one of the models in this particular lookbook.

10) Fresh Faves: Gabe de Dios, Stylist

Another feature I love writing shines the spotlight creative types who are doing awe-inspiring things in their lives. Gabe de Dios is a Seattle native now based in L.A., where he went to chase his dreams of being a dancer and ended up become a stylist for Nicki Minaj, Perez Hilton, Revolve Clothing, eponymous blogger Rumi Neely of FashionToast and more. Check out his impressive portfolio in this post!

There you have it! I say this a lot, but I am forever thankful for your readership. It's been a blast blogging for (almost) five years (!!!) and I feel like I'm just getting started.