Shake ya hairfeather: Featherlocks hair extensions

A few weeks ago, Swink Style Bar invited a few girls in to try out hair tinsel and Featherlocks hair extensions. Initially I went in to get some tinsel but as soon as I saw my stylist Megan's hair, I knew feathers were the way to go. Featherlocks by Condition Culture are actual feather extensions that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair without using chemicals or damaging your hair. Think of it as a sweet and simple way to add some swag to your hairstyle :)

Feather sisters: @JessEstrada &  @KnitPurl

Featherlocks can be washed, dried, flat-ironed or curled. I'm told they can stay in hair up to 4-6 weeks - though the feathers last well beyond that and can be reapplied without losing their original shape or color.

Feathers out on the town: Reina & me at the Grocery fashion show

Swink itself is a fabulous place to get your hair done for your birthday, wedding, gala or any other special event for a really reasonable price ($30 gets you a choice of different blowout styles.) For the Featherlocks treatment, $45 gets you a style and two feathers, with each additional feather just $10 more. Insider's note: Enjoy $10 off hairstyles on $20 Tuesdays! Sweet deal, yeah? I'm feeling a little addicted to the place already. I mean, who couldn't use a boost to their hairstyle even with nowhere special to go? Swink is absolutely darling and the staff is super nice. They also offer makeup, lash extensions and coming in January - facial waxing as well. Peep their service menu here.

Thanks to Natalie, Keridwyn, Megan, the Swink team and Featherlocks for my feathers!