styleXSW: structured comfort

i really liked Austin. for some reason, it reminded me a lot of Seattle & Portland. it might've been because Waterloo Records, where much of my time was spent, is at the same intersection as Whole Foods HQ & next to Lululemon Athletica. i especially loved this wall along the side of lululemon - it's like an inspiration board all in itself. there are quotes of positivity and encourage all over it. an unexpected gem in the middle of rockstar SXSW chaos.

as for my outfit, i guess you could call it something different from what i'd call the official SXSW outfit; sundresses, cowboy boots and as much leather as possible. my style is so random and all over the place, so i never quite fit in anywhere i'm at. oh well, who cares right? i'm in love with every piece in this outfit. structured zipped & striped skirt, SPUN tank, vintage accessories...<3


SPUN tank

owl necklace: Bombshell Vintage (portland)

structured skirt: Moksha (seattle)

sandals & sunnies: see previous post