styleXSW: fierce florals

i never pack right when i travel. this is proving even more of a problem on work trips - not only do i not have what i need, i also have no time to go shopping for it. yikes! i did okay for the first couple of days down in Austin for SXSW, but more on my/our epic packing fail in a later post :)

before my NYFW trip and again for SXSW, i made it a point to visit my favorite indie boutique in Seattle and quite possibly in the whole universe: Moksha Clothing & Art Repository in the University District. aside from my online & vintage finds, i shop almost exclusively at Moksha - mostly because i love Aleph, Elvia, Rose & every great soul who works there, but also because i am pretty sure that i will never be caught in the "same outfit, same party" situation. a stylish nightmare!

working at SXSW all day (and staying at a hotel a

good 30 minute cab ride away) meant all of my outfits had to last from day into night. this is my first sunny weather outfit of the year and i absolutely love it. the lace floral tank top is beautiful and though i bust a hole into it, i'm still planning on wearing it all year. it's a versatile piece that works with everything, yet the detail helps bring some pop to the outfit. the flower print bubble miniskirt was the total clincher for me. it poufs out in a perfect bubble and has a stretch waistband. i'm usually really lazy with accessorizing but i threw on the vintage mustard yellow stretch belt over the skirt to bring it together and it worked! top it off with my black gladiator sandals and Cole Haan purse and i was set.

this last pic is of me and my girl Jill of fame. she's probably the most gorgeous gamer girl on the planet!

sunnies: Redux (portland)

sling purse: Cole Haan

lace floral tank, gold spike bracelet & bubble skirt: Moksha (seattle)

belt: Katie Kay Accessories

sandals: Bliss (seattle)