How Fresh Got Her Fitness Groove Back

Getting my fitness groove back is my top priority this year. Only recently have I had that "come to Jesus" with myself on thinking more positively about my body, and I really think all that negative thinking is why I've held on to some extra weight. The power of positive thinking is real!

Fresh Jess CrossFit

Moving to our new place was the motivation I needed to get a new routine in order. In addition to CrossFit, I now have a great park nearby where I can run, sprint and do bodyweight exercises to satisfy my HIIT & cardio cravings. I didn't have much discipline before the Beat the Bridge 8k last month, and though I'm proud of my time (and of beating the bridge!), I've become focused on improving my mile time more and more each time I run.

Beat the Bridge 2016

On days when I don't want to be outside, I've got the perfect space in our new home to roll out my mat for some sculpt work, yoga and mat-based cardio. My fiancé bought me a barbell to work on my lifting form at home, and I do that downstairs while I'm watching episodes of Huang's World :) 

Incorporating new toys and sustenance can help kickstart the fitness juju even more. I recently got the new Blender Bottle stainless steel model (complete with the wire whisk ball) to up my on-the-go smoothie game. My first Blender Bottle ever! I've just been using Jacob's on the rare occasion I needed it. This new bottle has come in so clutch on the way home after CrossFit. It's so important to get those nutrients ASAP after a hard workout!

Speaking of nutrients, I've been trying out WelleCo's Super Elixir Nourishing Pea Protein in chocolate the last few weeks. It's got peas, dandelions, pomegranates, organic sprouted brown rice, pea protein and raw Peruvian cacao in it - and it's delicious! I love my normal protein powder but it's good to mix it up and see how your body reacts to different formulas. I like to have this as an afternoon pick-me-up or after a sculpt workout.

Many thanks to Blender Bottle and WelleCo for helping a lady have some fun in getting her fitness groove back!

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Disclosure: Products were provided by Blender Bottle and WelleCo for this post. All opinions are mine!