On My 2016 Theme, & Ending 2015 on the Highest Note!

Well here we are at the end of another great year! As usual, I'm filled with regret on not blogging more this month so I could spread out all the feels that come with reflection, family time and the holidays in general. Now I have to squish it all here into one grand post! 

2015 was a definitely a "lay low and build" year for me. I stayed true to my Year of Simplify and cut down on so many inputs on all fronts in my life. I paid off a lot of my debt, cleaned out my closet more than I added to it, and did my best to keep the rest of the physical clutter in a house to a minimum. I chose to stay home many nights over going to events, and spent record amounts of time doing nothing with my dog and my boyfriend. It was blissful, and allowed me the space I needed to focus on my new job and migrating all of this content over to a new site.

I've had this week off, and finally done my Stratejoy Holiday Council work reflecting on 2015 and setting my theme and course for 2016.

Stratejoy Holiday Council 2015

Like a good ENTJ, you can never count me to lay low for long. While I leave 2015 with a renewed sense of clarity in what's important to me, I'm antsy to fire up on all cylinders. My 2016 theme is FLOURISH. I can't wait to do the work to make all my dreams come true! In my job, on Fresh Jess, in finding my love for health and fitness again, and for 2016, the new dynamics of wedding planning and lots of travel.

Oh yeah...I'm engaged!



Jacob proposed on a quiet Christmas morning at home with a beautiful ring he designed through Ritani. He found a hand-carved wood box with the Hogwarts crest engraved on it, and that beautiful Dumbledore/Snape quote from the book inside! I thought I was unwrapping a fun gift for our trip to London next year, and little did I know he'd spent the last few weeks conspiring with my best gyals and my grandparents to make this happen! I was so surprised and am so looking forward to the journey ahead. I hope you have an appetite for some wedding planning posts!

Spike is hyped y'all

Spike is hyped y'all

You were a fabulous, colorful, interesting building year, 2015. Watch out, 2016!

Happy new year to you and yours!