My Statement Piece by Emma Eekhoff

The last few years makeup has become too complicated and time consuming with the rising trends of contouring and complex eye shadow pallets. In middle school I began wearing makeup, face-make-up, eye shadow, eyeliner, the whole enchilada. I did this everyday for a few years till it just became too much of my time in the morning – time I could have been eating a better breakfast or just being on time.

900 Red Alert

900 Red Alert

After I stopped wearing make-up entirely, which is almost unheard of for a young girl competing with many other female classmates, I started playing around with lip color and stumbled upon the simple, yet classic red lip and fell in love. I think of my ‘red lip’ as my statement piece, that part of your outfit or vibe that makes your appearance pop. Also I think it’s very special because it mimics my personality; bold, fierce yet understated. Don’t use make-up as your armor; use it as an attitude booster.

So the next time you’re at Sephora debating which lip color to get, be adventurous and get the color you feel cheerful and powerful in.

Hello, I’m Emma Eekhoff. I’m a 17-year-old that would rather be networking for business than at a party with my high school friends. I’m not afraid to share my stance on something, whether it is an art form like music or recent events in the world. I’ve been writing in a journalist setting for only a few years, through my high school’s online newspaper, The Growl Online or for a music blog. I love to connect and network with new people in the worlds of business and music, travel to new places and eat new interesting foods. 

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