Complete Your Thanksgiving Meal with Whole Foods

Is your Thanksgiving dinner plan missing a dish or two? Whole Foods has made it easy for you to outsource any or all of your Thanksgiving menu with pre-order and ready-made options for you to take home.

In true Whole Foods fashion, they went above and beyond to show us all that can be done with their Thanksgiving menu offerings with a special showcase at Hot Stove Society. 

The excellent Hot Stove Society team took us through some fun tutorials in making cocktails, sweet potato gnocchi and roasted leg of lamb - different for sure, but all incredibly delicious and unique dishes to switch things up at your own Thanksgiving dinner. 

We did a cocktail styling contest, mixing our own cocktails before decorating them with edible flowers, herbs, fruit, you name it. It made for plenty of perfect shots for the ‘gram! 

I am still thinking about the sweet potato gnocchi, which was served up crispy versus the normal gummy, chewy texture. I can’t wait to have it again.

The team then walked us through prep for the roast leg of lamb, with Herschell dropping a clutch tip to save the bones and/or carcass of your Thanksgiving turkey or lamb. Much like you’d turn your leftovers into Thanksgiving sandwiches, you can take the leftover pieces and make a delicious bone broth or congee. I’d never thought of that before. How genius!

Shout out to the Whole Foods stuffing kit. If you’re pressed for time, cart space and/or oven space, the stuffing kit has all you need for that perfect side dish.

If you haven’t taken a Hot Stove Society class before, I highly suggest you do! My fiancé and I took a class on Filipino soups and stews earlier this year, and I loved all the personal stories Herschell shared about growing up with Filipino food intermixed with really good cooking tips and tricks. Full disclosure: Herschell is a friend of ours and anytime I can give Herschell props, I will. But for real, take a class at Hot Stove. They’re such a fun way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, date night or ladies night out.

Thanks to Whole Foods and Hot Stove Society for having us! Order your Thanksgiving from Whole Foods online by today and get $10 off!