my boyfriend and i were at madrona beach today, chillin and minding our own biznass when this lady calls out to a guy walking past her: "excuse me, are you taking pictures of these girls over here?"

then she turns to me and says, "i think that dude just took a picture of you with his phone!" she'd been watching him circle me and the girls surrounding us, then proceed to (not so) discreetly snap pics of us on his camera phone. fuckin skeeze!

if he's gonna snap pics of me, then i think it's only fair that i got one of him:

creepy ass motherfucker! what you can't see is another girl sitting directly in front of his line of sight, to the left of this picture and completely oblivious to what's going on right next to her.

as soon as he saw us snapping these pics he packed up and got up to leave - but not before my boyfriend politely went up to him and asked, "are you taking pictures of these women here on your phone?" of course he denies, but when boyfriend said, "show me the pics on your phone and prove it," he refused.

i'm not one to put people on blast on the internets, but he knew what he was doing and so did everybody else on the beach. thank you to the nice gal who tipped us off - she called him out in front of the whole beach! haha

consider this a public service announcement. creeps are alive and well - and they might be snapping pics of your girlfriend or teenage daughter!