hella jessie spano-like

remember the saved by the bell episode where jessie takes caffeine pills because she's stretched thin with being the H.B.I.C. in everything she does? zack finds her passed out in her room and she starts singing all crazy? yeah - that's how i feel, but without the caffeine pills and the maniacal singing.

this work week has been the week from hell and i'm not quite sure why. we have about seven events in eight business days, covering one event that's not ours (actually two) - but this has happened before. something about this week is just incredibly stressful. i've been staying late and bringing work home every night (something i'd gotten myself out of doing), emailing til 10pm, crossing a million things off of my list, and i still feel like i haven't made a dent in all the work i have to do.

i've fallen of the health wagon too. i'm missing or skipping workouts to sleep or work, eating horribly, drinking soda during the weekdays (sorry jake), and wake up from a full night of sleep completely tired. i hate this feeling! i feel like i'm taking crazy pills!

work/life balance is so important and i try to keep to that as much as possible. the nature of what i do can be incredibly demanding at times and i sometimes just have to deal with the consequences. i look to the positive though - the weekend, my YPN committee who i absolutely adore and love being around, and all of the members who get value from coming to our events. totally worth it for their satisfaction!